Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Staying!

It was crazy to find out on Saturday when transfer calls came that i am actually staying here in West Richland! I am so glad that i get to stay though because i know that my work here is not finished yet. Sister Jessee my companion is leaving though. She is going to Moses Lake. I was sure that i was going to send her home. Sister Jessee just has just 6 weeks left on her mission so we were so suprised to hear that she is leaving! I am receiving Sister Faulkner and i hear that she is a hard worker so I can't wait!

I don't have a lot of time to write today but here is something really cool that happened! So one of the sets of Sister Missionaries that Sister Jessee and i serve have really struggled finding people to teach in their area. In the past 6 weeks they hadn't found one new investigator. This really puzzled me because these Sisters are really obedient Sisters and they work really hard! Sister Jessee have been praying a lot to know how we could help them. Then i remembered a story that i think it was Kiana did. What she did on her mission with her district is they said a faithful prayer together and then they went out for an hour and did all they could to find people to teach. Sister Jessee and i presented the idea to the Mission President and he said we could try it! 

Sister Jessee and i call it the "Faithful Hour"! So when Sister Jessee and i met up with the Sisters we both acted overly excited and pumped and ready to go filled with the faith of knowing God would provide these Sisters to Find Someone to teach. We Said a faithful Humble Prayer that God would lead these Sisters to Find Someone to teach. The Sister I went with had chose and prayed about a street to go on the night before when we go there, My heart dropped a little. The street we were going to tract on was only filled with these huge houses! i brushed it aside and just knew that God would provide for these Sisters to find somebody to teach. We start Knocking on the doors and door after door, slammed in our faces. We didn't even have time to say anything. Then when people did let us speak they would just start bashing. We had about 5 minuted left and i asked Sister Larsen Which door do you think needs us. She pointed at a house and we went to it. The person answered the door and was nicer but not interested. I didn't want to go back just yet because we both felt that someone was ready there. In the middle of the driveway we said a prayer that God would help us to know where to go. As we ended our prayer we heard someone rolling their garbage can down the driveway, we both knew that this was an answer to our prayer! We went to go talk to this person. His name is paul and as we were talking to him, he was like my wife and i have actually been looking for a church to go to! We taught him a brief restoration and gave him a book of Mormon and prayed with him, and set a return appointment. He is awesome!! 

It is sooo cool that with faith anything is truly possible! God, is a God of miracles but only works according to our faith. It was a really cool experience and we were all filled with grattitude that God really helps us find people to teach! 

Love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir 

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