Monday, November 10, 2014

Time flies by Elder Lindmeir

so I just got an email from the President that the sisters who came out with me only have 7 weeks left...... what the????? time is going way to fast!!!!! it scares me!!!!! I never wana go. but istill got time... luckily.
but to talk about better and more fun and exciting things that happened this week!
#1 we went to this family we are teaching and they leave and the Indian Rez and its a little sketch there but not to bad, but the last time we went we saw one of the guys who lives with this family that we are teaching totally do a drug deal right in front of us. so back to the story we show up and the family wasn't home but that one guy that I saw from doing the drug deal was there and his name is Devon. so we started to talk and soon he pretty much told us his whole life story about how hes trying to support his girlfriend and shes pregnant and that he cant get a job and all these other problems and he asks me pretty much how he can get his life together. I don't know why but instead of bringing up Christ and the Atonement I just started to throw down on him about doing drugs..... it honestly was the funniest thing. After about 20 minutes of making him feel like dirt because of his drug deals, we totally tought him and his girlfriend and they loved it! we watched the movie Hope of Gods light. it really touched them and it was really cool to see the difference in there willingness to learn after that video. so we picked up him his girlfriend and a sister who lives in the house with them as new investigators and hopefully will be helping them prepare to become clean.

#2 Tony!
so we were driving in Lilac Oaks which is a campground and as we are driving away we see the Hispanic kid walking home from school and we pull over and roll down our windows and start to talk with him and we just simply asked if he had 10minutes so we can share our message and he totally accepts! so we go to his house and we start tePreview attachment FullSizeRender.jpg
aching and getting to know him and honestly he lives in the trailer and is probably one of the humblest people I know and he was loving the restoration. at the end of the lesson we asked him if we could come by tomarrow around the same time and he agrees but the crazy thing about it was the fact was tomorrow was his birthday. we asked him what he was going to do for his birthday but he just simply rolled his shoulders and told us nothing. it honestly was the saddest thing in the world, I mean this guy is only 15 yrs. old and he gets nothing. so we decided to bake him some cookies and tought him again and totally loves it and there's a lot of growth from this part in his life now.

#3 Sick move!!!!
so we moved a member from our ward who lives in the mountains!! and his house he build and its in a rock, and its super sad because he sleeps on a dirt ground and he just hides up in the mountains and does work during the day tosupport his family who live in mexico. Anyways we drive our truck to his place and we fit his whole house and all of his stuff in our truck!!! and I was driving! it was awesome and this guy can barely speaking English and he wears 2 different pairs of shoes all of his clothes are towrn up and he just has what we would call junk are his treasures and after we moved him it took literally no longer than 40minutes but he wips out a 20 dollar bill from his wallet and it was the only cash he had and he wanted us to take it... right then and there I just started to literally cry and it was such a humbling experience to see this cute man with nothing ready to give us 20 bucks wich would probably equal to like a normal person about 200 to 300 bucks. probably and he never asks for any money from the church, he does it all on his own and he never misses a day of church and he walks there and its probably like 15miles away from were he lived. people like this inspire and humble people like me, and it was such a great experience to do that for him!

I love the work here in the mission this is the greatest thing and honestly its the best! love you all!!!

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