Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hey Team,
Sorry for the late email, but we have been stuck in our apartments due to the "inch" of snow. Everything shut down haha!!!  Even schools are canceled! I absolutely love the snow though!!!! One of our roommates (Sister Hansen), slipped and broke her wrist yesterday. I feel really bad. It is pretty icy.
The highlight of last week was Lizheng's Baptism! It was amazing and he is the most amazing member! He shared his testimony afterward and talked about how he has come to recognize God in his life and how he knows the Gospel is true!! After the baptismal service, Lizheng immediately told us that he wants to come to lessons and help teach with us! SO GREAT!!!!
All of our other investigators were very busy with classes getting started, so we focused a lot on visiting Active and Less-active Members! It was great!

Monday evening, we got a bit lost on our way to a gas station when I realized that we were close to a less-active members home! I felt that that was the Lord's way of saying that we need to go visit this member. We had tried several times with no luck, but we tried anyways and she was home. We ended up having a very nice conversation. We got to know her and she wanted the information to go church. This was just a small miracle but it clearly proves that this is the Lord's work!!!
I have recently learned something amazing after years of being taught it! That it is so true that we will "receive no witness until after the trial of our faith"(Ether 12:6). As my faith has increased, my ability to feel the Spirit in my life has increased! I have also been able to see how God's Hands really are in every little detail.
Heavenly Father always loves us, but it takes work to feel his love for us! I know this is true! I hope that you have a wonderful week! Stay warm in Utah!!!! Or stay cool if you live in Florida (Grandma and Grandpa :))

--Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3201 Landover St. #502
Alexandria, VA 22305
Ps. We are going to the Temple next Wednesday so there will be no email on Monday.

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