Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

wow i remember the kondike like yesterday! it sounds like you had a blast. i wish it was cold here, this last week and this week is what we call sanhana winds witch means that we get these winds that come and there really stankin hot! this week it was 80 degrees..... to hot but i cant complain hehehe. dad tell me more about the business?? sounds sweet.
this week was an awesome week though, we will have no more investigators by the end of feburary so all were doing is trying to find!!! personally thats my favorite part about being a missionary is just going out and searching for people to teach! the reason being is because you run into some really funny people and also some really great people who are strong in there faith, and they like to preach to you. but we had some great experiences finding people this week:

we were walking in a coldasac full hispanic homes and it was later at night around 8pm and as we were walking around we saw a group of mexican teens just huddling in a group smoken some weed, and we walked over to them and just started talking to them, (you could tell they werent all the way there if you know what i mean) and we started talking about god and stuff and they were just loving it, they were talking about how there going to get powers and stuff after they die and become like gods, and we were just laughing with them and trying to share whatever we could with them , before we left and they told us we should come back to teach them. this was a while ago when this happened and then yesterday we were walking past that house and we felt like we should stop by, we did and one of the mexican kids answered and he let us in, long story short we tought him the restoration and he commited to be baptised on 22nd of fed, and tomarrow were going to go over there and his freinds are going to come also. so keep that in your prayers and hopefully we will be able to help them all change there life around and come closer to the gospel. 

o i got some good news, Adrian is letting us teach the rest of his family and there all super excited and they want to get baptized next month, so were excited transfer calls are on this saturday and i hope i stay because there is going to be alot of success!! comming up god has been preparing people.

funny story now... we were walking down the street into mc donalds parking lot when a brand spankin new honda accord pulls up and asks if we need a ride. i look at him and i am shocked to see who it was. it was Victor, i dont know if you remeber him but he was the drug attict that we tought for the longest time and he is homless, so when i saw im this car i was in shock and we started to talking to him about this car that he bought and he said "yeeeees i got this car for a steeeeel man, it was only 5 bills" so i was thinking 5000 bucks but no it was only 500 bucks. and we asked him were he got it and he wont tell us..... so its kinda sketchy all i know is most likely that car was stolen, and i just started laughing and i was telling him victor you cant steel man, and he went on and said well i bought it. long story short we dident get a ride but he wanted to buy us one too so that we dont have to walk everywhere, it was really funny. i will never forget this man if you guys just saw him you would start laughing hes just a funny old gangster who thinks he a teenager still.

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