Wednesday, January 22, 2014

missionary life!!!

this weeek WAS LEGIT!!!!! saw so many miracles!!!!! you know its so amazing to see them come your way, and when they do you just cant deny the fact
that it happened for a reason and someone is looking out for you its awesome. we had an amazing week all of ou investigators have baptismal dates so were pumped for that, now all were doing is trying to find more people!!!! its tough when your area is 3by3 miles and it seems like youve talked to everyone atleast 10 times haha but you gotta love it!!! one of our recent converts has been killing it he has been sharing the gospel to everyone!!! its hilarious we will be walking with him and he will just shout out hes mormon to people and talk to them its great!!! the members are trying to find people too help us out. people often think that the missionaries are the finders but its accually the other away around here are the statistics
1/1000 people as missionaries contacts will get baptized
thats pritty bad when its a member referal wich means if a member just gives the missionaries a name to stop by it goes up to:
365/1000 people will get baptized
thats not bad thats alot better than 1/1000 but if the member accually knows the person and has talked to them about the gospel before it goes even higher to:
753/1000 people will get baptised!!!!!! now us as missionaries we can contact people we contact alot but 1/1000 is very unlickly to come by, but when members give us refferals its alot more likly they will be golden!
so members of the church should be the fulltime finders and then the missionaries should be the full time teachers. just rember those stats family and pray for oppurtunities to share the gospel.
it was such a great week i was able to baptise adrian, and wow it was the greatest experience of my life, to see the change in his life that had taken place by 2, 19 year old boys?? that just doesent happen its not us, its much more than that, god had prepared him for us and now he has a happiness in him, his family has gotten closer together and the spirit in there family is great. what a great experience it was this week!!!
hes a big guy and when i baptised him i made sure to dunk him. it was awesome!!!! love you guys all so much keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
elder lindmeir


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