Monday, January 27, 2014

mission is legit! Elder Lindmeir

i can see dad being a cat man.... haha well good news!!! im getting transfered! been here for 6months and i feel alright leaving except its sad because the area has so many great people i am going to miss! this week was amazing! the lord has really blessed us. we saw so many miracles and had some amazing personal revalation!
 i was having the hardest time understanding the power behind the priesthood and how to give priesthood blessings. most people when they give blessings right after they tell me "i dident do anything it was all the spirit talking through me" and i never understood that and whenever i would give a blessing i would really have to think about it and i knew what i was saying and i really couldent tell that the spirit was speaking through me. it was tough because i thought to myself well am i even worthy to have the priesthood if i cant even give blessing by the spirit. i started thinking about this 2 weeks ago and i made a promise with god. and i told god to help me understand and feel that the priesthood is real by the end of the two weeks. so everyday i would study i would study the priesthood and the powers that you get from it and then i would go into on what things do i need to have to be worthy of the priesthood. i was given priesthood blessings to help me understand it better and i talked with alot of missionaries about it, and i just hadent got my answer, i had been doing it for about a week and a half and still had not got my answer, and when we went over to a few investigators homes they asked me to confirm them on sunday, and then later that day Adrian called me and asked me to give him the priesthood! so that is three blessings i would be giving on sunday, and i know that it was no coincidence that all this happened. sunday came i still hadent got my answer but i knew that god would provide me an answer and during sacrament meeting they invited us up with casey our recent convert now, to confirm her a member and to have her receive the holy ghost, and during this experience i felt it. i know know the power behind the priesthood, and then denzel came up after her and i did the same thing and the spirit was so strong and just the love that i had for the people we have been and then to give them a blessing was the greatest thing anyone could ever ask for. 
so i learned 2 things. if you have doubts its good ask for help! and then of course the second thing is that the priesthood is definitly real. 

so that was my highlight of the week and that im leaving, there have been tears shed... the priests were all teary eyed because i was balling when i told them i was leaving. we got really close with the youth they would always help us out and we would go on splits and just have a great time, but im going to miss adrian the most probobly because you just grow so much love with the people you teach and      especially when they become amazing members and hes been teaching his whole family and there commiting to follow jesus christ its just beautiful. 

well family i love you all to death sounds like everyone is have a great time, and i truely miss all of you and i think about you everyday and pray for all of you. if you have any docterine questions ask me so i can study even more and so that our testamonies can grow together!!!! love you all keep up the good work!!! peace!!!

elder lindmeir

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