Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Lindmeir

sounds like everyone is having fun... shivani good job on scaring mom hahaha. gabe it sounds like your going to become a pro snow boarder, well atleast better than me. that sounds fun that your getting extra soccer training in! on pday we soccer with like 10 other elders and its so much fun. its so weird but you would think since i havent played in so long i would be horrible but for some reason im like better. i think i might be a late bloomer or something haha. but gabe the biggest thing ive learned with soccer is to just enjoy playing. i remember in comp as soon as i would get the ball i would take two steps and kick it! because i was always scared of messing up, or getting yelled at, but i have came to the conclusion unless you take the risks of dribbling and shooting or anything that is out of your comfort zone, you will not grow. i figured that out when i joined rec soccer and i felt a billion times of less presure, so gabe i guess my point is, when you play games and stuff be confident on what you can do and take some risks and most of all just have fun! if your loosing there is nothing worse than to get heated and angry just have fun and carry the team.
its pritty cool as a missionary, you learn how to take risks and you learn to be bold and to have fun! the other day we went and talked with a guy and the first thing we said after introducing ourselves was have you been baptised? and he said yeah when i was born and i dont remember it. and then we said would you like to be baptized again but by someone holding the authority of god? and he looked at us and he said "ya know... i would really like to" then form there we told him what he would need to do to get tp that point and you just see how ya dont have to be beat around the bush for thing. but that dosent mean you should ask everyone that, it just means that you need to listen to them, you need to be bold and find what they need!!! and ask questions! and then put yourself in there shoes and help them on there concerns. thats something ive been working on alot this week, been srudying alot on it and what types of questions and what kind of approaches do certain people need. but the biggest thing ive learned about it is you just need to be real. people can tell if your being genuine or not or weather you care about them, and thats what people need! someone to care about them to help them out of there hard life and to make there burdens just a little lighter. 

this week we were walking and it was around 8pm and we needed to walk back to our apartment and as we were walking we saw a moving truck on the other side of the road, this thing was huge!!!! like seriously 90 feet long and when we got there, the truck was only about half full and no one was around, we had the perfect excuse to just leave and walk away back to home but instead we felt like we should look around for this person who is moving and so we walked around the apartments until we saw a man sitting on his stairs crying... and you could see a sweat puddle on the ground, we talked to him and he looked up and we asked him do you need help? and he just looked up at the sky and said thank you. and i guess the story was that this man started moving his home at around 9 am and he was just by himself, his wife had the flu and his two kids that are under 2 were cyring the whole time and he had to leave his place before 10 pm, and clearly he wasent going to do it by himself, and so we dropped our bags loosened our ties and we started moving! this whole time he is like in shock because he told us right then and there he was praying to god for strength to finish moving before 10pm and he knew that we were an answer to his prayer and as we were helping him move he just kept on asking us questions about our church and he was just so willing to accept what we had to say. so during this whole time were moving we tought him a full blown restoration lesson, and the spirit was so strong and you could just tell that he knew what we were saying was true. it was such a great experience, and hopefully ill never forget it. god works through amazing ways thats for sure.

the mission life is awesome to be apart of that makes it all worth it! and you know the thing is i hope i would have been able to walk on over and to do the same thing just as a member and not as a missionary, because there are so many people that just need so hope some freindship and some help, and there everywhere its just our job to pay attention to the spirit to our surroundings. and we will all see many miracles like this.

that was the longest letter i probobly have wrighten but i hope it dident sound like i was preaching, to all you cause thats not what i wanted if i did sorry. you just learn alot out here and its LEGIT! love you all so much i love when you wright me and i miss u all so much! keep up the good work!

elder lindmeir

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