Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waverli's first week in the mission!

wow! there is so much to talk about, i don't even know where to start! my missionary president and his wife are awesome! i love them alot! i got my companion last week on wedesday and her name is sister young. she is really nice but very boring, which is kind of hard because i am definitely not boring! but i like her. i am serving in Richland right now. the apartment i am staying in is so nice but i all the water there smells like sulfer and it makes the whole apartment smell like rotten eggs and when you shower the smell is overwhelming and you just want to puke but everything else is really nice :) i guess when the transfer happened the missionaries split wards and now we just cover the desert hills ward instead of two wards. so the work in our ward is kind of dead so we have been tracting alot! my very first door that i went to, they slammed the door in my face and pretty much every door after that did the same to haha. it kind of suprised me that people would be so mean to sweet little sisters but oh well :) i do not get down when this happens because i am just too excited to be out and going and doing what the lord wants me to do! on saturday after a long day of tracting we finally reached our last door. when the man answered the door we figured he would probably just slam the door in our faces like everyone else, but he didn't! instead he was very very nice! we asked him if he has heard about the missionaries and he said yes, and that they come over sometimes and give him pamphlets to read, but he said that they have had family problems lately and thats why they have not come over lately. which confused us but he said he was interested and we invited him to church and he said he might come with hid two kids and we were so excited! we told him we would save him three spots in sacrament! we also scheduled a lesson with him for saturday. i was so excited! i could not wait to see him and his family on sunday! but at 2:00 in the morning yesterday i was not feeling well and i started throwing up! i threw up all night and afternoon so we couldn't go to chuch :( i was so sad and i felt so bad because i wanted to know if Orelando and his  family came to church! later that day my companion started throwing up also so we think we got food poisoning from this nasty ham steak a member fed us. they feed us weird stuff here. i am pretty sure i am going to be a vegetarian when i get home! i ate fish the other night! arn't you proud of me?? well i love it here so much! i love serving the Lord so much. this week has been hard and very different then what i thought it would be like but i know that i can do anything with the Lord on my side and that everything will be okay. 
it sounds like everything at home is going really well! that is so cool that Gabe is passing the sacrament. i am so proud of him and i loved the pictures you sent of him! he is so adorable! that is so cool that your being a missionary mom! that is one thing that were trying to do here is trying to get the members involved in missionary work! i am so excited that kiana is leaving on wednesday! well i love you so so so so so much! i miss you! hope all is well! Love Sister Lindmeir

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