Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waverli's 2nd week at the MTC

Hey Mom!
i  am so sorry that i have not written you! they do not wanting us writing letters unless it's on P days. thanl you so much for all the package you sent me. it just made my day! and can you tell Marci that i loved the doughnuts? WOW WOW WOW WOW is all i have to say about the MTC. i have been learning so much it's crazy! all we do everyday is study, eat, poop, and study some more. i love it! i feel like that already i have grown up so much and my testimony has grown so strong, in just this week!. my companions name is sister Simmons and i told you that she was the girl that we met while shopping in the missionary mall right? well she is crazy and i love her personality! but she is so hard to work with. she doesn't study when she is supposed to and so when we give lessons to our investigators, it's really hard because i have to give most of the lesson because she doesn't know anything, but oh well... more experience for me! :) i really stink at giving lessons to my investigators but it's so cool because i know that the Lord is helping me what to say and the spirit is so strong.
so all week i have been looking for marcus and i couldn't find him and i was so worried about him. on sunday i fasted for many things but also to see Marcus because i didn't really get to say goodbye to him. then on tuesday our whole district fasted again  for a girl in our district who had to go to the hospital because she had heart problems but she is okay now! but i also fasted to see if i could find marcus. on tuesday night we had a devotional with all the missionaries on my campus and the west campus so i knew Marcus was going to be in there somewhere. when i went to be seated i lost hope. i knew that i would never be able to find marcus because there were so many missionaries there! when i sat down i lokked three rows ahead of me and a little to the the left, there he was! pretty cool huh?!!! i talked to him and found out that he is on a different campus then me and thats why i have not seen him. and guess what?! my mission presidents would not even let me give my own brother a hug! i was really sad about that.
 well i have to go, i wish i had time to email you longer but they don"t give us any time. tell everyone i love them so much. i will call you on tuesday around 7-11 in the morning at the airport to go to washington. i love  it here so much and i am learning so much, it is so cool! i love you so much! and i miss you!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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