Saturday, August 3, 2013

Marcus's 1st week at the MTC

hey mom!!!!! i love you so much i only got 12 min left to wright you all... its insane here I've learned so much!!! i feel like I've been here for years!!!! but i really do like it here its weird because i taught my investigator Robert yesterday for the first time and wow did we do good and words came out i never expected to. there few things i don't like about the mtc but that's were i guess they say to test my faith. my companion is elder whipple we went to school together he is so quit and has no energy but does know alot. he doesn't talk like he does hes so scared but in the moment were able to give great talks. its hard though at first i was like this is way easy but to have a lesson everyday with the same investigator is really hard because you have to have Revelation to know what to teach next and we haven't had that and today we are going to tech him and we have no idea what its going to be on haha. but i know it will be fine and god does love me and all of us so he will rake care of me, yesterday i broke down in tears because i was i felt like i shouldn't be here ut all is well i love you all keep praying!!! for me!!! love you all!!
elder lindmeir

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