Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marcus 2nd Week at the MTC

HEY MOM! thanks for the letters and the box of treats! i love them but I'm getting fat already haha but seriously. OK things i need are i need more hangers like 6 to 8 more i must have forgotten my guess dress shoes cause i don't have them, hmmm and i need more running shorts. and i think thats it, i leave on Tuesday morning at 3.30 am and i honestly have no idea when im calling you but between 7 am to 10 am sorry thats as good as it gets I'm totally organized as you can tell! i did my laundry for the first time today and wow did it  SUCK I SAT AND WAITED!! haha imkidding t was alright but it gets me thinking on how grateful i am for you mom. i love you so much and you are honestly the greatest example to me and you have the character of Christ in you! you always turn outward as the natural man would turn in ward! and i thank you for that. this week has been pretty tough for me i honestly wana leave so bad and get into the Field its so crazy how prepared i feel already! ive learned so much and i really know how to teach and how to preach the gospel!!! awh i love you and this week i taught 3 investigators and they were so awesome we got one to be baptized and one that really loves it but needs more. thank you mom and thanks for the letters i love them so much and i miss you all!
SHIVANI! THANK YOU FOR THOSE LETTERS! you are awesome and i thank you for that, the mtc is intense but it really quite fun haha can you believe I'm sating these words, keep up the good work i love you so much!

GABE!  hey little man keep up the good work I'm so proud of you and i love you with all my heart i think about you everyday love ya Man!

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