Monday, August 19, 2013

Marcus's first week in the mission field!

i didn't have time to read what you said so ill try to explain as best possible the spelling will be bad so I'm sorry haha.

ok well I'm in san marcos and it is the most geto part in here! its freak en awesome we get fed sketchy mexican food and i never no if im going to get some disease or not haha, we went to an investigators house and there was so much black mold on the walls and there was one wall inparticualar and no joke it was moving!!! there were so many cock roches it was awesome!!! hahah and that investigator said he had to go to the doctor because a cock rotch got stuck in his ear!!! haha. it is awesome though weather is perfect and beautiful. my companion is elder board he wrestles hikes and is way cool freaken buff, haha hes a great runner and we have been running everyday for about 30 to 45 min and we do about 5miles, its so awesome here I'm learning so much and I'm learning to talk to people, and how to make there life better than what it is, most people here are catholic or Jehovah witnesses so they all know the bible. but it doesn't bother me because i just share my testimony of what i believe it will do to there life. and Ive seen the changes it puts on people. 
quick story and miracle i had, we were walking and i saw an old man walking with a cane, and walking fast i stopped by and said how are you? he said bad. and we talked to see what had happened, and he said his best Friend stole 20 buck from him and he wont be able to eat, he was scared i could see the fear on him. his shoulder was broken it was bloody read and swollen and as were walking to his place i start talking about how were here to help people the best way possible and i said the one thing that has made me happy and brought my family closer together is this book (book of Mormon) and i told him the blessings and promises if you read it and pray about it you will know of its truthfulness, and i gave it to him and he said he would read every page because he said i try everyday to find something worth living for. and i told him this is why.

then a few days back i found a 20 dollar bill on the ground as we were walking and it was so funny cause it was just in the middle of no where and i picked it up and put it in my pocket.

going back to the story i remember i had that 20 bucks in my pocket and i knew i was supposed to give it to him and i told him, i found this 20 dollar bill the other day not really thinking about where it came from or why i got it, but now i do, as people take from other people Christ is always there in open arms for you, and i said we are always here for you and so is Christ and i handed it to him and he knew it was true, he started to cry and were meeting with him again soon. that story probably doesn't do justice in writing but it was honestly so intense!!

we have helped so many people and we meet so many people each day. thank you so much for the support and you i hope i get my shoes soon haha and some candy! you can show this to everyone at home. umm what else can i talk about..? 

we taught this black kid about 15 yrs old his name is denzel and he plays foot ball freaken buff kid right. and we taught him and the spirit was so strong as we talked about the charity of Christ that i asked him "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptised of the priesthood authority and he teared up and said yes. that was cool. i already have a ton of stories! 

well i love you all so much and tell all the kids to wright me letters because we don't have much time to type. honestly this is so much fun but way hard and we walk like 8 miles a day no bikes haha ummm...  tracking is fun, and there are so many crazy people its awesome. i did my laundry today again haha. ummm i love you all and i miss you all so wright me or i will hunt you down.

elder lindmeir

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