Monday, August 26, 2013

Waverli's 2nd week Aug 26th

wow! that is so crazy about the storm! are you going to get a new car?? are there really holes in the side of our house?!
mom! i am so proud of you that you are being a missionary! that is so great about courtney, mark, robin, and Arlene! keep up the great work!
last weel was very hard for me, and i felt like we were not getting anything done so on friday, i told sister young that we needed to work harder and she agreed. so i made a list of all the partial member families in the ward and all the less actives and there are a ton! and i color coordinated them by area so it will be easier to visit them all together. this helped alot and we worked really really really hard all weekend and it paid off! we had a lesson planned with orelando on saturday but it fell through and we think he may have dropped us but thats okay because when we were over in that neighborhood i had a feeling that we should go over to this house that we tracted into a few days before that because a cute little girl lived there and i thought her family might be interested. when we went over there, her parents weren't there but the little girls older sister seemed really interested and we tought her the first lesson and she is so awesome! her name is Lilly and she has an amazing relationship with God and has a huge testimony of prayer. we are teaching her again on tuesday and hopefully her family to! i am so excited! yesterday we went to this guys house named Dustin and he used to have lessons with the missionaries but for some reason stopped. we founf out that he just got lost in one of the transfers and so now we get to teach him and his family again and i am so excited!!! we had so many miracles over the weekend and it was so great! today were giving one of our investigators baby's a priesthood blessing because her baby has been having seizures and it's really sad but i am excited for her and she is on date for baptism!
on wednesday we are switching companions for the day and i am going to Kennewick and apparently i am teaching six lessons to investigators! two of which are in spanish, haha i am super excited! did you know that they have zebra companionships here? that means and english and a spanish speaking sister will be pared up together. isn't that awesome??? so i might have the chance to learn a little bit of spanish in the future!!!!!
thank you so much for the package, it just made my day and i loved the cards! thanks for getting me a coat to! thats very nice of you! did you know it never rains here? haha i thought it was going to rain all the time! i love it here, even though it's really hard sometimes. it's all worth it when we get to teach a lesson and help others come closer to Christ. well i love you so so so so much! hope everything is going well!
love, sister Lindmeir

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  1. Sister Lindmeir,

    I am sure your happy face is blessing so many lives! Don't get discouraged in your work. Only one person will be happy if you are sad...and we don't want to make him happy, do we? !! ?

    You are in our prayers. We love you tons!

    Love, The Moores
    Steph, Jeff, Meg, Maddie, Hunter