Monday, August 26, 2013

Marcus's News Aug 26, 2013

this week was a good week! we did alot of service helping people move and building fences. the work here is bussy always having someone to help. on monday me and my companion went to the callis family house and they fed us menudo, it is a cow stomacke in a soup, and the soup is just all the fat juices, straight up freaken disqusting. i can handle some nasty things but that was straight up nasty look up pictures online of it and you will see. i took one bite almost thew up so my companion told them that i was feeling sick all day (so i wouldent have to eat it) but then they told me that it was the best thing for you. so i toughed it and picked up the bowl and drank that ish..... i can still taiste it haha. 
i got three new investigators and a baptism this week, its awesome to see the effects you have on these peoples lives. for example as you teach them and understand where there comming from you are able to bring them peace and confort, they soon have a desire to read and find out for themselves if what were saying is true. there problems and struggles they normally had soon become lighter and easier to carry. as trials and difficult times come they ask god for help and not take it out on others. so weather or not we baptise anyone on our mission if we are able to do those simple things. that alone is the greatest accompishment any missionary can have. 

only being on a mission for a month it feels alot longer because the skills you develop are so strong and come so fast. im already speaking spanish and i honestly have no idea what im saying but im saying it? makes no sense but it works and im ok with that haha. but anyone can be a missionary you just need to have the right mind set and a goal of what you need, dont change yourself thats a big problem im having my companion always tells me what i need to change, but if your being yourself and not a robot you will touch peoples lives and they will accually want to listen to you. well thats what ive learned. 

my companion is elder board. hes 140 pounds of pure muscle and like a pro wreslter, we went tracking and this huge guy came out probobly like 280 pound man he was a construction worker, anyways we were talking he seemed interested but when we asked him if we could come over for a lesson he said no. so my companion said if i can beat you in a arm wrestle will you. he thought for a second and said yes becasue he knew he was going to win, i mean this guy was an ox. we went to his table and they grabbed each others arms and i was the ref, i1,2,3 go! it was a stand off they were both stuck straight in the middle for atleast 2 min before my companion beat him..... made no sense but he won and we are teaching him next week. but then after wards when i was freaking out i said how did you do that, and i guess hes like a national champion for arm wreslting hahha it was awesome!!! 

i love this work it sure is fun!

love you all so much and keep up on wrigting me i love to hear from all you!

elder lindmeir

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  1. I can picture about ten angels standing next to the big guy: holding his arm back! Angels are all around us, helping when they can!
    Our prayers are with you, Elder Lindmeir.

    Love, The Moores
    Steph, Jeff, Meg, Maddie, Hunter