Monday, April 8, 2013

Sister Lindmeir loves you all

Hello my wonderful Family!!!
So good to hear from Mom, Dad, and Gabe! I love you! Sounds like you have had a pretty great week. Glad that Dad could be home and that you could go to Moab. I am grateful you are all okay. Can't believe Dad tried to kill all of you!   
So not much happened since last Wednesday besides Conference and Sister Maennchen was sick. We stayed home a lot! Sister Maennchen slept while I was staying busy. I organized, colored  and painted pictures, made scripture cases out of cereal boxes, cooked, cleaned and caught up on some interesting studies in the Bible. Most people would get bored, but not me. Although I will be very grateful when we can go out and proselyte again! Hopefully this evening! :)
Glad mom enjoyed conference! What about the rest of you? It was incredible! I loved Elder Hollands talk as well. There is something about Elder Holland... I feel that he is speaking just to me everytime. I will write you more of my thoughts as well! What did all of you learn? Anything that stood out? Well, I definitely found a pattern in conference. Families and obedience were brought up a lot! Makes me think about all of you and I invite all of you to take what you learned from conference and apply it in your life each day! I know that blessings will come to all of you as you do so. For the Prophet and Apostles promised many blessings too :)
Dad: love that you used that catchy title. Thanks for sharing that story. We too make an effort to always invite to baptism! Last week we had 3 invites out of 3 lessons, so 100%. But Sister Maennchen was also sick so we didn't get out much... That is why only 3 lessons. I have also found that same pattern in people we contact. I am grateful for your thoughts :) I have actually been wondering what your mission was like. Transportation? Memorized lessons? Tell me everything! Very cool that you were district leader so soon in the field. That seems like hard work but a great honor! I bet you were a pretty incredible missionary :)
Mom: Thanks for sending the recipes. I would like new and old in 4x6s (running, cheerleading, family adventures, when we were little, etc.) I love to show people pictures. I actually cut out a family picture into wallet sized and I show people when they ask about my family. I love showing all of you off. I have had a couple people ask where you are. I tell them you are my mom. You are lookin so good! But I definetely would like pictures of all of you right now. At moab, the house, dances, running, etc. Also can you send me church music CDs for our car. We drive a lot! Also those mission business cards. Do you still have those? It is okay in not.  All the journals that I sent home, can you get those to me too? I use them up quickly!
I am glad you like you Birthday Present! I loved picking out the charms for you. Do you have a chain to put it on? If not, I can get you one. I do miss my Saturn, Jerry very much. How is he doing? That is sad that you have to wait a couple weeks for the floors to come in... Exciting that you get to paint! Also exciting that Christian came to visit! How is he doing? Does he get my emails too? I hope the twins get their call on Thursday with Grandma too! So exciting! I can't wait to find out where they go!
Gabe: So good to hear from you! I always tear up every time I hear from you; I miss you soooo much bud! I am having fun on my mission and you will too someday. I am glad that you had a great time motorcycling in Moab. And I am glad that you got to show Marcus up ;) How is soccer going? Are you doing anything else right now? What did you like about conference?

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