Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello my loved ones,
So good to hear from you! Sounds like lots of exciting things are happening right now! And a lot of exciting things because of the Gospel in our lives; we are so blessed!
Wow, 3 mission calls next Wednesday?? I was so excited this morning to find out but I guess I have to wait a whole week! I look forward to seeing the videos! Oh my temple prep! Can't believe my little siblings can go through the temple soon! One of my biggest regrets is not going to the Temple often; don't let them make that mistake! I also especially wish I went through the Salt Lake Temple too. Make sure they do that and tell me all about it :)
So exciting about Bob and Zelma. What a neat experience! It is so comforting to know that families are forever! Could you imagine not knowing about the Plan of Salvation?! Life would be hard! That is why I am so grateful I get to tell people that families can be together forever!!!
Looking forward to hear how Teryns farewell goes! Will he still see his family since he was called so close? How does that work?
So about my week... It was wonderful! Sister Mannchen is feeling a lot better! We worked real hard this past week and it paid off :)
We had exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday and I was serving in Centreville for 24 hours! I loved it! I served with Sister Russel and she is an amazing missionary! I learned a lot of great things from her! I taught an ESL class aka. English as a second language. I helped a man from Mexico prepare for a job interview; it was great to see how much he appreciated it! He said his interview went pretty well. Took a lot of cool pictures of a women who collects amazing things all around the world! Everything had to be worth millions and millions! I will send you the pics soon!
Recieved a letter this week for the Hartvigsens! Each of their kids wrote me a letter and Doug and Julia! I loved it and wished I had more time to write them back a lot but I will still write them soon! If you see them, let them know how much it means to me!
Not much else happened this week besides just working hard and trying to be the very best missionary I can be!
This week; however, could be interesting... Exchanges are on Wednesday! I will be getting a call either tonight or tomorrow if we will go to transfer meeting. Although I did just get a call from the APs asking me to say the benediction at Transfer meeting on Wednesday. So Sister Mannchen or I could be leaving. Or we could be getting a 3rd sister. It is a mystery for now... Will let you know on Monday how it went though :)
Got a haircut today and bought some summer clothes. I realized I did'nt have any and it was 100 degrees this week! And that was without the humidity!! Went to kohls and saved lots of money. You may need to check my account if you have already not done that. I promise I am not trying to spend all your money!!!
Thanks MOM DAD SHIVANI and WAVERLI for writing me!
Well love you all very much!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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