Monday, April 22, 2013

From your Sister in Rolling Valley

Hello Lindmeir Family,
Exciting times in the Lindmeir home! That is for sure! So proud of my twin siblings and for my wonderful Grandma! I watched the video and it got me all teary eyed! I was grateful to hear your voices and see how excited both of you are! I am going to be writing you - Marcus and Waverli - very soon with thoughts that I have! You will enjoy bikes; they will keep you in shape! If they say to buy bikes, I wouldnt worry about it. There is probably missionaries that will be going home that will sale their bike to the twins. Just call the mission offices to confirm, but that is what I would do :) I would love to get all the details from your packets on your missions; I am very curious how different it is.
Glad that you waited for Dad to open your calls! I am sure Dad was grateful for that! Who else was there? I saw the Allred's Exciting that marcus will learn some spanish! I have been trying to learn some spanish so that I can talk to people here, just long enough that I can refer them to the spanish missionaries. There is no need for Spanish in Rolling Valley but maybe my next area...
Sad to hear about Shelley. Bishop Eliason in Gainesville had his front teeth removed and will have a flipper for a while too. We did breakfast at his house everyday and he had to take his teeth out! He talked and everything without his teeth.
Wow I wanted to print out those pictures of the kids before prom!!! You all looked so good! Thanks for sending them! I am glad that Marcus and Shivani went together... So cute! And who was Waverli's date? They looked great! I love Shelley's dress and it looks so great on Shivani! Did it need to be altered, because it fit perfectly? What dress was Waverli wearing? I could'nt tell in the picture. Did you all go to prom together? Where was it? What for dinner? Theme?
My baby brother is growing up! I am glad that Gabe like camp! Have him write to me about it! Here is a good idea actually... Bring letter writing stuff to church on Sunday so the kids can write me during the boring talks. Another missionaries family does that and she gets letters from her siblings each week!
How did the meeting with UVU go? I am glad Dad went; he is great at that kind of stuff! 9:47 is very impressive even though he did not qualify! I think that Cubby ran a 9:45 and got a metal in track. I think maybe 4th place, but not sure... When is state?
The house looks very different. I was not sure it was our house until I saw the piano. It looks good though! Can't wait to see how it turns out.
 Transfers this week.... Sister Hills and Sister Borland sat down next to us at Transfers. When my name was called, I stood and was shocked to find out my companion would be Sister Hills; we were sitting next to each other!!!! Crazy!! And then, Sister Borland went to Gainesville! So we switched; I have never heard of that happening! But it is pretty great! And so now I am in the Annandale stake, serving in the Rolling Valley Ward.
My companion is Sister Hills; we actually came out together. So we are learning everything together; it is wonderful! Sister Hills is definitely an amazing missionary! She is very enthusiastic which makes missionary work so much better! She is from Farmington and she went to Viewmont. She is 22 and went to USU and got a degree in communications and video documentary. So ya she is smart! She does not have a pancreas because of a tumor when she was a baby so she has diabetes. She has to stab herself a lot and check her blood. I help her stay on top of things by making sure she checks her blood and getting her juice when she needs it. She has such an amazing attitude even though she has gone through a lot!
Rolling Valley is a newer area so we will be doing a lot of finding in this area. Sister Hills say's "Rolling Valley is rolling over us". But we are not going to let that happen. We are going to do amazing things and I am very excited. But I am grateful to be here! I loved Gainesville but I was ready for some change! Change = growth, and I want to grow!
Next week, We have a dinner appointment with Sister Johnson. She went on a mission to Austria and she wrote the movie "Errand of Angels" after her mission experience. I talked to her and she said that if we can't get permission to watch the movie here; then she will tell me the whole story at dinner. But she told me that it is just like my mission. But I don't believe it! Have you seen it? If not, you should.
We had a lesson with a man named David yesterday. He had a stroke about 10 years ago and is in his 40s. He is the nicest, happiest guy. Both sides of his brain don't work together so communication is hard. It is often like a guessing game when we teach. He can write stuff too! He is smart though and he understands everything we teach! We taught the Plan of Salvation and he had a lot of questions. At the end he wanted us to sing Psalms (of David) 23. We sang it to "How great the Art". It sounded pretty good... I thought.
I never thought I had allergies, but I have found out recently that I do. I keep sneezing and itching my nose and eyes... But it is worth it! It is so beautiful here!!!!
This week, I have been striving to improve my prayers. I was reading in Enos 1 and I want my prayers to be like his. I want to be able to pour out my whole soul to Heavenly Father and I know he listens and cares for each of us. I keep thinking about what I would say to Dad when praying and how that is what my prayers should be like; Because I am speaking with my Father. This week... I would love for each of you to read in Enos and really strive to make your prayers personal and pour out your whole souls. I would love to hear how that goes :)
Well, It is time! I put so pics on dropbox.
Love you with all my heart,
Sister Lindmeir

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