Monday, April 29, 2013

Exciting week!

Happy Monday!
All is well in Rolling Valley! We had a really great week again last week with 4 more new investigators and a lot of potential investigators that we have return appointments with. It really is so exciting. Some highlights from this week include:
Half Mission Conference on Friday and Elder Larry Echo Hawk came and spoke to us! He shared his conversion story and how two missionaries changed his life and many more. His whole family was baptized when he was a teenager, but he shared when he was truly converted; which was not until he read the Book of Mormon! He was a first generation college student  and he went to BYU. It was motivating to hear him speak to us.
We went to Greenspring Retirement Center to do service this week (we do it 2 hrs every Thurs.) and we sang lots of songs with the old people. It was so much fun. We even sang some hymns. The old people love us and can't wait for us to come back next week. I love them too!
So if you have not heard already; this year is the year of the "17yr Cicada's". They are huge bugs with big red eyes. They stay in the ground for 17years and are just starting to pop up. They don't harm us but they just like to run into us. They are everywhere! And they make a very loud screaming sound. Although I have not heard it yet; everyone talks about it. Anyways, I will be sending one home shortly :)
We had dinner yesterday with the family who's father passed away in Sacrament. They are doing very well and they said the funeral service was really great. It was good to see that they are staying strong and that all is well.
There is a new calling called "Sister Training Leader". Sister Mannchen and Sister Borland have been called to that position. So they have to go on an exchange with all the Sisters. We had the exchange this week with them; which was exciting. Sister Hills went with Sister Mannchen in Gainesville. And Sister Borland came out here.   It was her Birthday; so we made a sign for the wall. We had appointments every hour all day, but I did manage to tell a member so they could make a birthday cake for Sister Borland. Sister Borland was very excited about that. And right before we went to bed, I realized she did'nt blow out any candles. So I put a match in a cupcake and sang her happy birthday. She cried she was so happy and thankful.
We visited a less active, Sister Loza with her home teacher on Friday. The whole family was there and ready to listen to the message. We taught the first lesson - The restoration. They were all participating and the Spirit was so strong. Berline is 19years old and she was very receptive to the lesson. Sister Loza's husband, Gus was the most interested in learning the message. He say's he has a hard time with the history of the church but that he is always willing to give things another chance. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and that he will be baptized when he knows our message is true. We have another lesson with the Loza's this Friday! We will be teaching the Book of Mormon.
We visited two Former investigators last week that are very open and willing to learn. Trish is a single mom of two kids that has never had any religion; it is difficult to teach her, but she has so much faith. Sharon is Catholic but so far she has agreed with everything we have taught.  We are excited to continue to teach them!
Love you!
Sister Lindmeir

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