Monday, April 29, 2013

Cicada's actually taste good

Hope all of you had a great Memorial Day! Sorry that I never gave you a warning that I would not email you. I did'nt even know it was a holiday on Monday until a few days before. It is easy to lose track of days. But anways, I am grateful that I was able to read your emails and that I can write you today. And I have a lot to write about! It was an exciting week last week!
Here are some of the Tender Mercies from this week:
We went to go visit a less active in our ward but he moved. His son still lived there and said that his father would not be interested and that he was not interested. His wife was there and was telling us that we need to go away because their kids had not ate dinner yet. We kindly left, but they had not shut the door yet. By the time we walked off of their yard and hear the women say. "They are Mormons?". And soon enough we see the women jet out of her house and come and talk to us. She told us that she is a High School Teacher and that there are some mormons in her classes. She said that she is amazed by how incredible those kids are. That they wake up so early for early-morning seminary and they still work hard and get great grades. Those kids have told her about how they are going to serve a mission and how hard it is and what they do. She wanted to tell Sister Hills and I that she was so impressed by our church and by the missionary program. She thanked us for all our hard work and examples we have led. It was so kind and it brought me to tears. It taught me an important lesson: That you never know who is watching you and the effect of the example you have on others. I want all of you to remember that.
We had another Lesson with the Loza family. And it was incredible! We brought Bro. and Sis. Goehring in our Ward to the lesson and we talked a little about the Book of Mormon. We sang a hymn at first to invite the spirit and it was there the whole lesson. Gus Loza was talking about how he is having a hard time right now because his father is passing away. I thought of Alma chapter 38 and we all read it together. He was amazed by how that is exactly what he needed. Brother Goehring testified of the power of the Book of Mormon and that he needs Gus in church and that Gus needs them. It was so powerful.
We went to the temple yesterday with Sister Wood. She was a less active and in the past few months everything has changed. She read through the whole Book of Mormon for the first time in her life and at that point she said she knew it was true. Sister Wood loves family History and so we were able to go and perform ordinances for her ancestors. It was incredible and she was grateful that we helped her get to that point.
This morning in District Meeting, I ate a cicada! Our District Leader caught some live Cicada's this morning for us to eat. He boiled, then baked, then dipped them in Chocolate. I was amazed by how good they are. They tasted like Chocolate covered raisins. So Marcus and Shivani probably would'nt like them (Or is it only GOLDEN raisins that you don't like?)
Well that is all folks. Keep staying and that "strait and narrow path" (1 NE 8).
Sister Lindmeir

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