Monday, April 8, 2013


Sorry if I scared you with that subject line, but I thought it would be the perfect introduction to what my week was like. Sister Hills and I recorded a couple of the big stories from this week so we will send those to you. So it may be better for you to listen to those before you read this email...
So this week was like any other week, but then we were heading to District Meeting on Tuesday and we were slowing to a stop at a red light. I was driving and Sister Hills turned to look at me and all of a sudden a car slammed into us... TWICE they did! They were going about 35 to 40 miles/hr so it was a super big crash. They air bags deployed and there car was in a lot worse condition, but both our cars are totalled. Luckily the APs were behind us and helped us out. They took us back to the office where we got another car ( a red Suburu Legacy 2013 ) and they gave us a blessing of comfort and healing. After that, "Missionary Medical" required us to go to the ER. I am getting an Xray today and I will let you know how that goes. But all should be well.
Did you hear the unbelievable Sacrament Meeting story we sent you? Pretty crazy! huh? It was terryifying for me, I prayed and prayed when they were giving Brother Nelson CPR. I just put my head down and prayed with all my heart for comfort and peace to that family. That was the first time I have witnessed someone's last words and someone dying.
I am glad you enjoyed the story about Anne and Emmett from last week! We went to read to Anne this week. She went into her room to change her clothes and she forgot what she was doing and fell asleep. Emmett thought it would be better for us to leave the book there for her to read on her own. So sadly I am not sure if we will see them again soon.
We spent Wednesday morning making Egg Salad Sandwiches and we spent the rest of the day smelling like eggs. We made about 3000 all together for the homeless. We made them at a methodist church but it was for all faiths to come together with one purpose in mind. It was great to meet people and to talk. Everyone was so nice! We will be doing this every month we are here.
I had an interview with President Riggs on Friday. He talked to both Sister Hills and I am about being BOLD and to not give up on people so easily. He said that people we come in contact with will either "accept" or "reject" the message and unless they do one or the other we can't give up. We have been talking to everyone and we now have 3 return appointments from being BOLD! It is very exciting, but we still have lots more work to do! 
President also told me that I will be staying in Rolling Valley next transfer and will be TRAINING! Which is very scary but also very exciting at the same time! Luckily I still have a few more weeks to prepare for that point.
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! I look forward to skyping with you on Sunday!!!
Sister Lindmeir

Sisters Conference Picture!

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