Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello :)

Hi Team Sister Lindmeir,
Hope all is well in the grand old state of Utah. This past week was really great. Different, but good. But before I tell you about my week, I will give you a little update on my area. I am still in the Rolling Valley Ward in the Annandale Stake. The only thing that changed for me was that I got a new companion, Sister Dickson. And that I am training her. I love it here. Rolling Valley is "rolling" on each and every day. We live in an apartment by ourselves. It is pretty nice, but not as nice as our palace in Gainesville. There are about 8 other sets of missionaries that live in our same apartment complex so it is fun to see the missionaries often. We have the office Elders in our ward. They are really busy in the office so we do most the work in the area. But it nice to have the Offic Elders in our Ward.
Sister Dickson has really bad allergies. They are even so bad that she was hospitalized for them last year. Kind of funny that she was sent here... I even have allergies here and I have never had them before. But I know that this is where the Lord needs her to be. She slept quite a bit last week and I was going a little bit crazy at our apartment all day. Luckily I was able to set up some babysitters (women in the ward) for her and I was able to go out and work with the women in our ward. I did that a few hours this week.
When Sister Dickson was feeling better, we would go out and work. We did a lot of finding this week because we lost a lot of our investigators. We dropped some because they were not progressing. And one dropped us. But the good news is that we are out here to find the prepared ones; the ones that are ready to learn and accept our message. We are still trying to find them.
We are also working with Less actives as well. One that we met this week is Carmin. The Elders in our ward found her while they were tracting. They soon found out she is a lifelong member but has not been active since her 20s. The Elders reffered her to us because she lives alone. She is going through her second divorce right now and has 2 kids that she raised but is not allowed to see anymore. They are only 11 and 13 years old. She is the kindest, sweetest women ever. We have come over and read some of my favorite chapters from the Book of Mormon and we have invited her to pray. She does'nt feel ready yet, but I know that she will feel different when she starts to re-develop a relationship with Heavenly Father.
We had a ward picnic that she came to on Saturday and she loved it. She also came with us to Sacrement Meeting yesterday but she had to leave afterward. We went by last night because we were in her neigborhood and we had to go the bathroom. She told us that she had a hard time hearing and seeing the children at church because she thought of her kids. I asked if she would like a priesthood blessing and she is thinking about it. I know it will help if she gets one.
Carmin is allergic to so many different kinds of foods and she was excited to find out I can't eat gluten and dairy. We spent a night making homemade bread with her and homemade brownies. They were so good!!! She bakes a new allergy free recipe each week. This Friday, we are going over for dinner and she is making Thai Stir fry. I am looking forward to it.
Here is the crazy story of this week... We were walking on the sidewalk close to a busy road, when we saw a boy walking quickly with no shoes on. I asked him how he was doing and he just made some sounds and started running. We could tell he had some kind of mental disability at this point. It was raining and we were worried about him so we hopped in our car and drove to him. When we finally saw him, he was riding a bike in the middle of a busy street. There was a man in a big car that started yelling at this boy saying "you cant steal a bike!!!". The boy then started to ride on the wrong side of a narrow street and almost got hit by a car. By this point, I was about to pull the car over, chase after the kid and knock him off his bike and get him off the road into safety. But the kid then got of his bike, jumped over a fence and into a public pool. We called the cops because we were worried that the man that was chasing after the kid would hurt him. We went into the pool area and told the man that the boy has a disability and not to hurt him. He said "I know" but I don't think he cared. Luckily the mom found her son, named David. We had to tell the mom that the police were coming, but mostly just to make sure that David was okay. She started crying; we gave her a hug and told her everything would be okay. And everything was.
Well that is all for me. Hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Lindmeir

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