Friday, August 29, 2014

this week was bomb!!!

sorry mom thought you got my email, I sent it to everyone else but you on accident haha sorry.

well this week was an amazing week like always I always say that but it truly was!

we started to teach Ron Ellis this week, actually we tough him like 4 times this week and he is just amazing he's totally changing his life around and the gospel in it. hes finally finding true and everlasting happiness in his life. Ron is the one who about 3 weeks ago was addicted to every kind of drug was a gambler and an alcoholic, and he finally decided he wants a different life. so we have been helping him achieve it, he has a baptismal date for sept 13, and he has been reading the book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday and has been going to he NRA, AAA NNA, meetings to help overcome his addictions, in one of the lessons we had we brought a member with us and this guy is one of my top 5 favorite members ever just because hes a 53 year old who surfs like everyday and drives his KTR 600 everywhere and when hes not surfing he plays Video games. ( mom dad no worries I don't nerd out with him and I make sure the video games are turned off before we start to talk to him haha) but this guy was totally inactive like 5 years ago and his wife was a herawin addict for 15 years of there marriage until he got a divorce and now hes back trying to get temple worthy! woot woot. anyways he is perfect for Ron as a friend to help motivate him to keep and stay clean.
funny story about Ron yesterday, we drove over to his house to invite him to help us out with service, and when we got there he was making all these excuses why he cant go, but then we convinced him! and he says " alright alright, well can you hand me my shirt, and when I handed it to him 20 bucks fall out from the front pocket of his shirt and lands on his lap. and note this man is 63 years old and has done drugs his whole life hes not in the best shape but when that money dropped onto his lap that man grabbed the money jumped from his chair and with the biggest smile he was dancing up and down screamin and tells us " WOW you guys are amazing look at this as soon as you come god gives me 20 bucks... lets go do some service!!!" haha it was awesome!

another reason why that was so cool is because the service we were doing was we were building one of our recent converts/ part member families roof. and when we show up on a sunday right after church we see about 50 people on top of there roof just hammerin away building it. and the coolest part about it is, I see bishop chapman in his suit paints and dress shoes just holding a nail gun and going to work like no big deal. Ron was impressed and roy the husband of the recent converts house was impressed too and soon he will become a member also.

I think this is my first area were I was able to truly work with the members and have such great relationship and trust as this one. they have been giving us people after people to teach that this week we were able to pick up 8 new investigators all from members. this ward is killing it with missionary work!!!!!
o and by the way me and elder olvera are staying here again for another 6 weeks!!!!! woot woot. that will be 4 and a half months with the same companion! honestly im stoked because the lord is giving us the people to teach and we work amazing together!!! ( elder olvera is known around the mission to be one of the best misisonaries haha ) I know why now! hes so humble and we just work more than ever before! we use our phone so much that it wont even make a whole day without having to be recharged, usually the battery last like 4 days!!! we are just being a lot more effective in the work here in valley center!

Benjamin brady got baptized this week, he is a brother to me hes only 14 years old and is amazing!!! love you all so much keep it up!!!!!!!
elder lindmeir

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