Monday, August 11, 2014

Turning to the Lord Sister Lindmeir

Last week on friday, we went to see a family that we had found a couple weeks ago to go and teach a Family home evening lesson with them. We really liked this family a lot because you could see how much the gospel could help their family. When we knocked on the door, they said it has been really nice that you have been coming good but me and my family our good where we are at. When we got into the car to go somewhere else. Sister Allred started to cry. Sister Allred is really tough and our 2 and a half months together she has never once cried from being discouraged. She always gets right back up and presses us forward with faith, knowing that God will provide. She kept asking me what are we doing wrong, me too at this time started breaking down in tears. I thought of something that this Less active lady that we teach said to us a few days earlier. She said that it is not Gods fault that she broke her hip twice, it's not Gods fault that her husband is sick,  it's not Gods fault that he is going to pass away soon. This sweet less active Lady, Sister Maughn has so many hard trials in her life right now and she Just knows that it is not Gods Fault. I learned a great lesson that day that it's not Gods fault that the people we teach are not wanting to learn more and as long as we are doing all we can that it's not our fault either. We talked about this in the car for a little while and we decided that what we needed to do better at seeking more inspiration from God. We prayed a powerful prayer to our Father to help us to go where he needed us to go.
We were tracting on this one street called Franklin later that night for a little while and then after about an hour of talking to people we see this guy sitting on his steps looking like he is waiting for us. We go up to him and ask him how he is doing and he said not so good and we ask him why? he tells us because he is broken. He goes on to tell us the story of why he is broken. four weeks ago he was riding his motorcycle a 105 mph in the dark and he hits a deer. 4 days later he wakes up in the hospital with a shattered knee, broken ankle, broken shoulder, and broken elbow. He told us that he was dead for 17 minutes and that the doctors had revived him. he said that there was no reason for him to live because he lost almost all his blood at one time. As we were talking to him he started to get mad! He couldn't understand why he didn't see a white light when he died. He was also mad because he couldn't understand if there was a God and he was so loving why would he let bad things happen to good people. He had more concerns so we opened up the book of mormon and turned to scriptures and testified. His heart softened and we talked about prayer. he told us that he has never gotten an answer that God is there. He told us that he doesn't want to see God or see a sign but that he just wants to feel that he is there. We told him the best way to feel that he is there is by going to church. He said he would come!

Sunday Morning comes and we text Ray and he said he is on His way. We said okay see you soon! a little while latter we get a text and he says my knee is really hurting, i don't think i can walk much longer. We ask him where he is at and we go and get members to pick him up wiith us. Sister Allred and i were cracking up on the way to get him. He seriously took the longest way to get to church with a borken body! By the way he cut off all his casts so he could do normal things. We were just amazed at how far he had come! he went 2 miles on a broken knee, ankle, elbow, and shoulder!

We get into the church and everyone is expecting him and they all welcome him there. It Was a farwell that day which was awesome because the whole congregation was filled when usually its just the a quarter filled. Sister Allred and i prayed so hard that would be given would help him to feel the Spirit of the Lord. The topics of the talks could not have been more inspired by God and i just knew that God had this planned from the beginning. The talks were on families, prayer, and then the why of missionary work. I wish i could tell you all about these talks and how the touched Rays heart. We looked at Ray if he was feeling what we were in sacrament meeting and oh boy he was! he had tears streaming down his face. After Sacrament meeting he didn't even know what to say. he couldn't believe that everything that he was going though had been answered. he was speechless. We then went to Gospel Princples and the lesson was on the spirit world. Ray has had tons of his family pass away and once again he was brought to tears. after church he still was so speechless. We are seeing him tonight and we invited him to a family home evening at a members house. he told us he had lots of Questions for us and i can't wait! we are teaching the Plan of Salvation!

I have been learning a lot of things lately but one the most recent one is that i am grateful that there is opposition in all things. If we have never experienced bad in this area then we really wouldn't know what good was. Now it is easier to be more thankful to our Father in Heaven for the Good that he gives us.

 I am filled with so much Grattitude for God leading us to Ray. You could already see on sunday how he was having a change of heart. He is coming to know His God and Brother the Savior, which is the sweetest thing a missionary can see. I love you all with all my HeartL Love, Sister Lindmeir

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