Monday, August 11, 2014

MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir


haha it was an amazing week, and a week that I hope I will never forget!

1. MIRACLE of the week. we had just got out of meetings at 4pm and on the way back to our area we were talking about how we can reach our baptism goal for the transfer, and while discussing it we realized that we would need to find 3 new investigators or just to keep the ones we have and help them progress even more. the first house we hit was our RC house Pam Bradey because we are teaching her son and her husband, and as we pull up to there house theres this lady sitting on there porch, that we have never met before, as we start talking with her we realize that shes best friends with pam and she just visiting her for the day, and during the middle of our conversation, this little girl plops open the door and looks at us and the first thing she says is " I want to be baptized " istantly im jumpin up and down smiling because its to good to be true right, then the mom says " yeah we are looking for a church and I love Mormons so yeah were thinking about getting baptized" me and elder olvera look at each other and we just are so pumped!!! we ask he if we could go in and teach her and she said yes! we tought a short powerful restoration lesson and both of them are on date for baptism, they came to church yesterday and there just amazing!!!! the lord truly has placed them In our path and all we needed was to act and work hard to get there.

2. MIRACLE of the week. Benjamin, Pams son had a date for the 16th of august for baptism but since he wasn't able to make it to church we had to push it back and as we were teaching him this he just got a big old smile and grinned and said " wow the 23 is my B-DAY! so we are stoked that he gets his baptism on his birthday! His life is truly changing! he is by himself all day on a huge property surrounded by horrible and evil surroundings and hes slowly coming back, he asked me yesterday in the most heart felt saying I have ever heard, he said " so I can be forgiven for everything?" as a 14 year old you could see the pain that he has suffered here but at the same time he had the greatest faith that he can become clean!!! I love it!!!!!

3. MIRACLE of the week. we dropped our investigator mariana, because she wouldent progress so when the spirit was the strongest in the lesson we told her " if you don't read pray and come to church you will fall and your family will also..." tough words right but we felt so inspired to say them, so she sent usnasty texts about how we don't care about her and all this other stuff. so we decided to visit with her so we could work it out because the last thing we want is her to be mad. we get there and elder olvera the first thing he says is " so we got your texts and it seems like your not very happy, why is that? " she then went off! hahaha it was awesome never seen so much drama in my life. I was kinda scared but as she talked for 30 or so minutes kinda yelling at us, we asked her more soul searching questions and before you she opened her self up and told us everything!! I mean everything she has done and why she wont read pray and go to church, and I was getting a head acke but it was awesome because for the first time we truly understood her a little more and was able to help her out. elder olvera read this amazing poem to her wich is called " the touch of the masters hand"and she started to get teary eyed and it was supper powerful!!! so then she started to progress!!! she read!!! and called us the other day and asked us what she needs to do to be baptized! but it kinda fell again but it was still a MIRACLE!

4. MIRACLE!!! of the week. this one is straight up insane!!!! it was right after we have been praying and fasting to find the last person to reach our goal. we go to one of our investigators house Richard mattison who was a referral from his best friend who is serving on his mission in florida. so for the past 3 weeks we have been meeting with Richard. now he is the coolest guy ever hes 18 years old and is so spiritual, he loves religion and studies everything, and about 6 months before us he had gotten baptized in a Christian church. as we have been teaching him that was one of his biggest concerns was the fact that he had already been baptized and he feels like god would have given the pastor the authority for his baptism. so honeslty the last three lessons we had tought we the discussions but all centered on baptism to help him get his answer that he needs to have the authority to make it count. so we went over to his house and it was probably around 8:30 and we planned to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ. as we start teaching him the spirit just is so powerful and everything we are teaching with him he knows to be true, so when we start to teach about baptism we read Act 19: 1-3 wich talks about receiving the gift of the holy ghost and without that you need to be re baptized. as we read with him it was so powerful that we ask him " what are you feeling/ thoughts right now?" there was about a 40 second pause then he stands up, and says " all I know is that theres a pool right there and im going to get my swimming trunks and you guys have that authority and you are going to baptize me!" I just froze and im pretty sure I drooled all over myself and he runs off to get his swimming suit and we have to stop him! hahahahaaha he comes back and he is so pumped!!! hes all " man lets gogogoggogo!! lets do this right now!!! and we tried to calm him =down and tell him why we cant right now. ( but personally I was so down! haha) we tell him Richard we need to finish teaching you all the commandment the word of wisdom and the law of chasity. and he says alright teach me! so we start teaching him everything first with the word of wisdom and he tells us " I don't soke drink, coffe tea none of that. ok next he says! law of chasity cant have any sexual relationships, he says good im a virgin! haha next he says. we teach him all the other commandments but the only thing he cant do is keeping the sabath day, because he works on sunday, and as you know the have to go to church to be baptized, and then he says well I attended church with my best friend taylor. hahaha he has done everything!!! sadley we couldn't baptize him that night but he got his interview and to day at 6 he will be getting baptized.

this miracle is one I will never forget because It was the first time I have ever seen true and real faith!! this man Richard has the strongest faith that I have ever seen and I am so greatful for god for all these amazing miracles he has been able to place in my path and I will never forget them and when times get hard I will look back and see that miracles happen and god listens and answers us, so have the faith and peruse!!
wow that was a long letter. haha love you all so much keep up the good work!!!!

elder lindmeir

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