Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Lindmeir

this week on the mission!

we are having a blast in valley center!! there is so much work to do and we have really, I mean really been able to build the wards trust which is everything in missionary work!!! so now the fun part begins to find there friends so we can teach more people!
this week we had some awesome experiences!
#1 we are teaching this family and the wife of the families parents are accually members and converted about 5 years ago, and this is the first time when she accually wants the missionary lesson so we are giving it to them. we first tought her about faith and baptism about a week ago and this week we tought her about the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we were teaching her before the lesson we told her " we are going to invite you to be baptized but as we teach ask yourself why? why would you Rachael need to be baptized?" and so we started teaching and it was going great and then right we started talking about baptism she stops, and asks us a question and it was " were in the bible does it tell me that I have to be baptized to go to heaven because before my dad converted he just told me all I have to do to go to heaven is just believe in Christ." so we read the famous scripture of John 3:5, then as she read and pondered on that scripture she askes  " why do you put your hands on people heads to give them the Gift of the Holy Ghost?" then we read Acts 8, and as she pondered and read it.. there was a pause, and I just new that she had gotten her answer that she needs to get baptized, and so after about a 20 second pause I asked her " will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority from god? and she pasued and said yep! and we gave her the date in wich could get baptized by and she said it works!! so as wqe are teaching her we turned to her husband ( witch accually there not married but they have been living together for the past 5 years ) and invited him too, and he didn't answer but she interrupted and said alright what do we have to do to be baptized? and we said well you either get married or move out, and Rachael gave Richard ( her boyfriend ) an ultimatum!! she said "well either we get married in the next couple weeks and get baptized together or your leaving!" hahaha it was crazy!!!!!!! sometimes that's what you got to do. hopefully he getsd his answer that these things are true in the next couple weeks!

#2 about 20 people from the ward on Saturday helped us build one of our recent converts roof for there house, and accually the father of the house is not a member and theres a grandma who lives in the same house and boy she sure hates us and is really anti Mormon! but when she saw 20 people who accually do construction for a living come and build her house, she was impressed!! and i accually got to talk with her and she was a lot nicer than before so her heart is softening! its awesome! we almost finished the roof of there house and at the end we set up an appointment with Roy who is the dad of the house and who isn't a member yet, we set the lesson that night around 7. we went by and we tought him the plan of salvation/the power of the priesthood authority. the reason he hasent become a member is because he believes you don't need an authority and that he doesn't need to be baptized to be a part of the church.
so we tought everything to his questions and concerns, and throughout the lesson we were able to commit him for baptism. but he was still kind of unsure. so yesterday he came to church and during the second hour ( gospel principles ) our ward mission leader brother reilly ( who is a boss ) gets up to the stand and starts teaching about baptism and about half way through the lesson he asks our row when we got baptized, and he started at one end and ended with Roy our investigator and when it came to him he said " I am getting baptized.  " he got supper stoked and everyone around him and he has some things to overcome but throught the gospel he can.
its so great to see this family get so excited for each other as they are coming unto the fold! cant wait to see them go to the temple!!! amazing things are happening and I have never felt so grateful for all the wonderful things we are given i love my mission and it means everything to me. its the lords time to bring his children back to him, how could there be anything greater than that?
love you all
elder lindmeir

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