Monday, August 4, 2014

Tender Mercies Sister Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!

I hit my year mark last week. It was the weirdest and saddest thing ever! I honestly still feel like a brand new missionary. I have so much more to learn! I wonder if that's how all of us feel most of the time though. Not quiet satisfied, always wanting to be better, and improve. What do you all think? I feel like there isn't enough time! days go by way too fast and it just kills me! there is so much to do and so little time! 

Last week we couldn't get a hold of Jeremy and Erika and we finally stopped by there house on Saturday and we got to talk to them. Jeremy told us that he had some bad news. He was talking to his parole officer and how he had done everything he needed to qualify to go to church and then they looked on his probation papers and they realized the judge didn't clear it for Jeremy to go to church. Jeremy has certain restrictions and can only go certain places that he got cleared from the judge. he didn't realize that he couldn't go to church. If he goes to church he could get arrested again. At first I was really sad. like oh man! Jeremy can't go to church which means his family can't go and that he won't be able to progress in the gospel and then I thought how selfish am I?! Right after that I thought about how hard this must be for Jeremy. He has Studied the gospel for 9 months and he knows that it is true. Last week at the church tour we had with them, he said that he couldn't wait to partake of the sacrament and that he has waited for over 9 months to take it! he couldn't wait, and then his probation officer says he can't go to church until he takes it to the judge which could take anywhere from a few months to a year. Jeremy at first was a little sad but then he just knew that this was just a small stumbling block to his path of happiness. He said that he has faith in God and in his timing and that he is just going to put all his trust in him and he knows that everything is going to work out.

Jeremy is such a great example and I can't believe how strong his testimony is. When he does get to come to church and when he does get to become a member of this church. he is going to be one of the strongest members of this church. He has so much faith and trust in the lord and in his timing! it is just amazing!

A lot of crazy amazing things happened last week, Like God just kept giving me the sweetest tender mercies! On Thursday, I was telling Sister Allred that I was really feeling like Pasta salad, that it just sounded good. Then the next day a member fed us pasta salad! this happens all the time! Then 3 people said I was so beautiful, even though I have gained weight, have tired wrinkles, don't wear much make up, and my hair is in a pony tail like everyday! I knew that it must have been Heavenly Father talking through those people. It is cool how God works and blesses us just everyday! he really does have a sense of humor and we just have to watch for it! its the best :)

I love you all! Sister Lindmeir 

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