Monday, August 4, 2014

this week!!!! killing it!!!Elder Lindmeir

this week was awesome and I don't even remember it haha time is going by way to fast!!!! but we did do a lot this week and I learned a lot!

first thing we had MLC this week and that is just another missionary meeting were we learn how to become better missionaries, and something this whole transfer me and elder olvera have been tring to do is be more effective and we have been really coming up with cool things to help the mission to reach its goal!
but this week I honestly forgot alt but what I do remember was the exchange I had with elder rodriguez. and elder rodriguez is a new missionary who is getting trained by elder jones ( elder jones is one of my best missionary friends!!!!) and elder rodriguez is the most quite missionary I know and hes super timid, so on exchanges my whole goal was to break that wall for him. so the first thing we do is go fill up the truck with gas and I told him to that we should talk to people and I pointed out the guy he should talk to but as soon as I said that he just froze! like a possum!!! it was so funny he gets so scared so I go with him to talk to the person and we have a great conversation but he wasn't very interested. so then I tell elder rodriguez its not scary but fun and that you should be intimidated by people and as soon as I said this no joke this cadalack pull up and a 300 pound black man comes out the car to fill up with gas and I started to laugh and I told him that hes got it.. but he froze up again, so I told him to follow me and I break the ice with this huge black guy and I paused and waited for my comp to talk and as soon as he started to talk I just walk away. hahaha I figured the best way to learn is if you just get put on the spot. it was awesome cause after when he was done he got the confidence to talk to an older man who was filling is work truck with diesel and as soon as he starts talking to this old guy, the diesel gas come out and spays this old man for like 4 seconds straight in the face/mouth/whole body of just straight diesel! I was laughing so hard but at the same time I was running to grab paper towels and, when this happened elder rodiguez just froze up again but he was just standing right next to the guy just like in shock of what happened and the old guy got mad of coarse so this new elder as soon as he gets his confidence up, just instantly gets his confidence back down. it was such a funny experience!!!

we had great spiritual lesson this week and we tought a lot of people in Spanish and it was really cool to see how I new what we were teaching and It was really cool to just listen to the spirit and pitch in the lesson as much as I could.
seeing miracles every day sorry this was a lame email but I just forget what happens each week time is just going by way to fast! hahah love you all so much!!!!

gabe happy B-day!!!!1 love you tons bro keep it up!!!
love you all
elder lindmeir

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