Monday, July 28, 2014

living the dream!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

dang family having fun in lake powel!!!! that's what im talking about, thanks for singing happy birthday to us I know I felt it!!! but it was weird because I kinda forgot that it was my birthday wich was nice, but kind of sad at the same time, I never thought in my life I wouldent be excited about a birthday. but my comp elder olvera made me breakfast wich was nice and also the members we ate with made brownies for me, it was funny because they dident even know it was my birthday but when elder olvera told them they acted like they dud it on purpose haha, I loved it!!! but I was just full of love all day from it and am so greatful for all you and I love you all so much!
this week was a great week!!!
since most of investigators have been baptized we are looking for knew ones and in our area its the hardest place to find investigators! so we prayed and prayed and we worked with the members and because of that the members let us throw like a latino themed party for all the youth and there friends and it was on this Saturday, there was volleyball soccer, swimming and Mexican food! it was awesome, we invited like 400 people and about 30 youth came and a bunch of non members came! and because of that we picked up 3 new investigators whose best friends our members, so we are really excited to see them progress!!! so keep them in your prayers!
that's something that we are really learning how to do is to work with members and get there friends to teach and honestly the thing that makes it work is the fact that we are in and out of the members house hopefully below 18min. it shows them that we are here to work and to teach and so we can build that trust with them again. past missionaries in this area lost the trust with the members because we have a lot of young women and I guess the elders would always hang around them and  would flirt with them, but now since me and elder olvera are there we are starting to bring back that trust until the other night...... my funny story for the week!
we get a call from one of the youth who is our age and she tells us to come over to her house because her older sister is leaving on her mission and that there are a bunch of non members and she said there are guys here so you can come. ( so this girl is named Nicole and she was the start for the past missionaries that flirted and did all these other things) so anyways we are super stoked because our appointments just canceled and now we are going to get to know a lot of non members!!!!! sound great right??? so we pull up and as we walk up to the door we look through the window and there are like 2 chicks our age just chilling in pajamas! so we walk back to the car and we give Nicole a ring and tell her we cant do it there are no guys. next thing we know Nicole comes out of her house and tells us that her dad is right there and that there waiting for us to eat cake. and by this time my heart is pounding because I don't know what to expect and as soon as we walk in there are about 20 or more girls all our age, and I instantly just start sweating bullets! THATS THE LAST THING I WANT TO BE AROUND AS A MISSIONARY!!!! and so we do some small talk and im just ready to bounce but her non meber friends are talking to us, and we are getting to know them, and Nicole dad is the only guy in there just chillin on the coach and it honestly was the most akward thing in the world, like you know me I never get embaressed. it got super quit and silent so then I start telling them about the miracles we have seen and and these cool things and as soon as I was done I just said we got to go! and we left. it was funny because the girls in there obviously were creeped out by us and vice versa and it was just a bad. bad. bad. experience but did we learn something that day. never trust women that are your age! hahaha
well other than that it was a super spiritual week learned a lot and tought a lot of people!
my mission has ment the world to me so far even when you get put on the spot with 20 girls.
hhaha love you all have a great week!!!!

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