Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sister Kiana Lindmeir Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! I sure did! I will never forget this memorable Christmas that I had.
Christmas Eve was like any other day. We did Caroling and the Metro Station with our Zone. It was the greatest! Sister Gray and I went out to a nice restaurant afterward. I splurged on some delicious steak! We then went to our apartment  and acted out the Nativity and enjoyed an evening with the other Sisters in our apartment :)
Christmas Day was wonderful. We opened up presents instead of exercising! I was so spoiled (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!!). I even got a hand sewing machine; which happens to be very useful on a mission. We then went to our Bishop's home and we ate yummy breakfast. Both Sister Gray and I skyped our families and it was amazing! I very much enjoyed looking at their beautiful faces and hearing their voices!
After Skyping, we left to go to a members home for Christmas Lunch. Our investigators were there and it was great! They even had a testimony meeting where our investigator, Legion, shared his Testimony.
We sang at an old folks home afterward. We went up into the Alzheimer's unit and sang. I realized that I had no reason to feel bad for myself on Christmas day when these amazing people may have had no one to Cherish this day with. Most the people we sang to enjoyed it and they were singing along. One women kept yelling in the songs to stop singing. She said "I TOLD YOU TO STOP". So we did. It ended short, but it was fun :)
I talked to Marcus and Waverli later in the Day!!! It was soooo good to talk to them! They sound like they are doing very well!!! We watched Tarzan at night! Movies on my mission tend to be so much better, even though I have seen Tarzan before! But WOW, it was amazing!

So that was Christmas. The rest of the week was not so memorable. Most of our investigators were out of town, but if they were in town they didn't want to meet! The good news is that in a couple weeks things should be a lot better :)
I have felt much love from the Savior this week and I am grateful for that. He wants to help all of us, but we must allow him to help us. As you pray for help, the Savior will be there :)
Love you all!!!!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir
3201 Landover St. #502

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