Tuesday, December 3, 2013

being missionary ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

hello... my fellow family and friends.  i love being a missionary, honestly its freaking awesome, this week has been the greatest week of my life! we have had the most amazing miracles ever!!!!!! ahw its awwwweeeesssssooooommmmmmeeeee!!!
but first off thanksgiving was legit! we ate over at the stotts! honestly love them as family they are so great, we kinda piled out at there house because she made us eat pie and relax.... but i repented we there for three hours, i confess haha. but then we went crazy!!! this week i promised myself i was going to talk to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! i mean everyone weather there on a phone whether there in there car if i have a chance to talk to them I'm going to do it!!!!! and we did and we saw some awesome miracles, there was a 20 year old guy yelling on his phone with some one else, and we walked to him told him we don't want to interrupt your conversation but this message we have is going to bring more happiness in your life than any worldly thing, and then he hung up and listened.. or we were crossing the street and a car pulled up with his window down we jumped right to the window and bore testimony!!! it works!!!! we had the most lessons most contact most baptismal dates we have ever had since Ive been here! i guess if your showing your faith that your willing to talk to everyone god will trust you with people he has prepared to except the gospel in your path.
funny story, we have been teaching this lady named ?, and shes about 300 pounds 50 years old and doesn't have teeth, well she a Born again christian, and as we have been teaching her she told us that she had evil spirits on her and randomly she would speak in tongues. it was scary so first we gave her a blessing to get rid of them, and as we did so she felt so much better and she was good until she asked us if we could bless her house.... it was just her there so we would have to do it with her sitting outside, and her house isn't any normal house it used to be an antique store so it has metal bars and metal gates everywhere so its like a safe the house is scary, so we open the steel door and we walk in and give it a blessing, i was freaking out a little but it was awesome! as we finished we went to the front door to leave and i opened the door and it opened about 2 inches before it hit the metal door, and so i pushed and pushed, but the metal door was locked!!!!!! i looked at my companion and i was like O CRAP WERE GOING TO DIE, so my companion switched me places and turned the door handle and it opened.... i guess i forgot to turn the handle all the way.. i don't mean to scare you if i did but it was awesome experience.
then on Sunday we went to pick up ? for church, a member drove us to her house to give her a ride, the member drove one of those huge twelve seater vans, and we parked on the front of her drive way as she came up to the van i was out side and my companion was in the van, there was a problem she couldn't get in!!! so the member reached over and grabbed her hand and started pulling her in the van and I'm behind he pushing and lifting her up! i was sweating that's how much effort i had to use to pick up this lady to get in the van, it was so funny. and then when we got to church we sat in like the 4th row in the front, and she loved it!!!! people were going up to bear there testimony! and next thing i know she goes up there!!!!! right then and there i was praying she wasn't going to speak in tongues for everyone to hear. she gets up to the stand and says "? I'm a born again christian and i just felt promted to come up hear and bear my testimony on this gospel and those two cute missionaries right there (she was pointing at us) and it was awesome her testimony was beautiful!!!! loved it and thank goodness she wasn't speaking in tongues.. o and the best thing about it was President Kendrick was there!!!! BROWNIE POINTS!!!!! hhaha
well i love you all so much I'm so thankful for your beautiful spirits and testimony you all have KEEP IT UP!!!
love elder lindmeir

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