Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

wow it was great to see you all, but at the same time it sucked because i keep thinking about you guys and it makes me sad... its alright though, we had an awesome Christmas! hung out with the taotafas there legit!!! the hooked us up gave us a bunch of presents and gift cards. there like family to us its awesome! wow i am so proud of you guys you have all grown up so much, Gabe dancing like a stud that's legit homeslice! Shavian making a fashion club! fantastic!!! proud you! then christian looking like a mountain man, so sick i love it, and don't ever tell me you guys are getting married until i come home hhaha i wanna be there... it was a great Christmas that's for sure!
this week was a wonderful week! we had a mini missionary come with us the day after Christmas and staying with us till Tuesday, hes in high school his name is ? but his stake lets people go on what they call mini missions were they stay with us everyday and all day for about a week, so that they can get a better feel for it. this ? kid is a weirdo but i sure do love him my companion on the other hand wont talk to him, so its been kinda tough, and ? broke down and he told me his whole life story... but it all worked out hes great and he still wants to be a missionary so i guess we did something right ha ha.
funny story we went over to this less active family and only ? was there (hes the one who drives the WRX) but anyways he has a big pit bull for a pet and wow she is the nicest dog you will ever meet the only problem is if your not paying attention she will try to jump on you and make out with you and its horrible cause there nothing you can do about it, because she weighs like 100 pounds, and while were teaching tinker(the pitbull) jumped up on ? our mini missionary and just started attacking his face and tinker pinned him down on the coach so he could move... it was so funny cause i saw tinker whole tongue go in his mouth!!!!! ewww so nasty she was on him for like 2 minutes and he couldn't do anything!!!!! it was so funny.
we have been teaching a less active family for a while now and the only reason why she hasn't been going to church is that she ahs been sick. and recently she just got lung cancer, and she is going through chemo therapy, its so sad to see her struggling every time we go by her home, shes about 60 years old and the reason why I'm sharing this is because i have never seen anyone so happy in my entire life, she just laughs all the time cracks jokes with us but at the same time you can see her in pain, and you know that's what this gospel is all about giving this hope to you that no matter what you have or what your going through just be happy because if your not your just bringing everyone else down with you.
well love you guys tons it was great to see you all love you!!!!
elder lindmeir

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