Friday, December 13, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

hey family!!!! sounds like everyone is freezing!!! ha ha it like 60 degrees here!!!! love it the weather is perfect its green/brown/geto couldn't ask for anything more. except I'm going to buy a coat today because the sweater are not warm enough, it gets down below 40 around 7pm and the last week Ive been trying to bear it but cant anymore haaha. awwwwhhhhh mom thank you for the packages!!! i hope i get them soon I'm so excited!!! did you ever send back my sd card for my camera, i have one right now but i want to send it to you guys soon. i learned alot this week it has been a great humbling experience. o ya mom you should save all my emails i send you because i usually don't wright in my journal, and so this is my journal.
this week, went to one of our investigators home, his name is ?, he has been through alot. i mean alot, his wife got deported and want to take the kids so hes been in a big pickle. and everytime we had a lesson i knew he wasn't feeling the spirit and something was wrong. after we found the concerns why he wasn't feeling the spirit we turned to Alma 36 and read from it and it just says that we don't have to worry about past mistakes as long as we repent blah blah blah. and as we shared this with him the spirit was strong in the house that i could just see his worries lift off his shoulders.... IT WAS AMAZING! and he said to me "for once in along time i feel peace" BOOOMB! it was that amazing! he found out that this gospel is the true gospel. and so were really excited for him right now.

you know lately we have been so blessed in our area and you know what i think it is? its the fact were working hard and were just having so much fun, there are so many great people we get to meet and to help out its LEGIT! transfers are next week and i hope i stay because the work here is going great.

i love you all so much i get fuel off your support, i pray for all you daily love you all keep up the good work!!1

elder lindmeir

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