Monday, January 26, 2015

They are after us!!!

So the other day i was on exchanges with a Sister and we were Knocking doors and it was probably 8:00 at night, so not too late. We knocked on this one door who's lights were on and this dog starts barking really loud inside and is like going crazy! then this lady starts talking and she seems really scared and she asks us who we are and we tell her the Sister missionaries through the door and i don't think that she could hear us because she seemed really scared still and then she yells out, i am calling the police! we were like ya probs not. not really believing her because tons of people say things like that to missionaries. So we keep on knocking doors and then this lady lets us in and we teach her a lesson.when we got out of the lesson, We were late to go exchange back with our companions and we were far away from our car so we start running but then stopped because we saw this car behind us that had this bright light that was going back and fourth like he was trying to look for something. finally he stops his car and comes out and asks us what we were doing and we told him that we were missionaries and that we were sharing the Gospel and he was like well i got this call from this lady and she was so scared and was saying that there were two robbers on her front porch!  i am not sure what kind of robbers look as sweet as us that have name tags on and big bright smiles. We felt bad that we scared her so much, but it was pretty funny that she sent the Sheriff after us. He asked us for all our information so that he could probably do a background check. So family and friends, if i don't return home in two weeks, i am probably in jail sharing the Gospel :)
Jacobs Baptism was on saturday and it was amazing! he is going to be such a strong member of the church! his family is super anti and they didn't want him to get baptized but he knew that it is true and that he needed to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He bore his testimony after he was baptized and it was amazing! nothing brings you more joy then helping someone come to the truth, and helping them see what joy, peace,and happiness comes from being a member of Christs church! It was a lovely day!
It's crazy that whenever you have a baptism, satan always tries his hardest to make everything fall through, and hopes that it is a miserable week for you and your investigators! it definitly was not a miserable week but he tried really hard to bring us down. It didn't work, just more excited to do better this week and help all to come to the truth! I can't believe i am running out of time! it is the worst! I love you family and friends but i love being a missionary! I can't believe it!
#Giving all i got! Running to the tape! Holding nothing back from helping all those come unto our savior!
I love you all! have a great week! Love Sister Lindmeir

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