Monday, January 12, 2015

Elder Rivers is so cool.

what a cool letter from Rivers! no im not a boss he is! really though.
going to be a short email i have to plan for a meeting but, cool miracles are comming our way!!!!
the crazziest thing about it is how much i have to rely to the lord. this week was tough because only have a left arm you really cant do a lot. because as a missionary we take so many notes/thought/ideas for meetings, so this week preparing for this meeting was crazzy because my new comp is a new to this i have to tell him everything and he has to write it all down he has to plan while i just say what to do, so its been getting a little crazzy but, i tell you what. its a very humbling experience especially since i cant do everything i want too. but my heart is always full of the saviors love, and patience. and for that i am so greatful for him.
thanks family for all the prayers i know they guide me! well love you all and my only advice is the Lord will always provide.
elder lindmeir

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