Monday, July 28, 2014

trusting in the Lord (Sister Waverli Lindmeir)

Hey Everybody!
Last week was one of the best ones that i have experienced on my mission and i am just filled with so much gratitude! I wrote this experience down in my Journal like a story and i am going to quote the exact words to you now :)
Eight weeks ago i got doubled into Wenatchee in the castlerock ward. training a new missionary, Sister Allred. i was filled with excitement to be doubled into this area. i knew that if we were diligent, obedient, prayerful, and faithful, that the Lord would provide away for us to see many miracles and bring about a change in the people here. The Castlerock ward is small but everyone in it is like a big famil. One of our greatest desires was to help build this ward up, who has only had 3 baptisms in a period of 4 years.  Sister Allred and i gave it everything we got for 7 weeks and we were seeing great miracles. we would meet someone amazing, whio we thought was prepared. We would get so excited to teach them again, but to our dissappointment, they would either drop us or simply wouldn't answer the door. At times we would get discouraged but we would keep pressing forward with faith, knowing that God would lead us to someone who needed the gospel.
The past couple weeks i kept asking myself what am i doing wrong? why are we not seeing as much success as we would like? why can't i see as many miracles as my other areas? we are being more obedient and my desire to serve is even stronger then ever before. I kept thinking to myself, what is the Lord trying to teach  me here? Thursday night i was really discouraged so i knelt down and just prayed that God would really help us find someone who needed the Gospel.
We got a call from the bishop the next day, telling us that someone in our ward boundaries that the Elders tracted into, wants to get baptized! the Bishop gave us their names which are Jeremy and Erika and gave us their address. We went to their house and met Erica first and then Jeremy. We asked Jeremy how he knew so much about the LDS church and he told us this story:
When Jeremy was 16 years old, he had his first kid. He had been in and out of jail many times. Each time he went, his family hoped that he would change and become better but to their dismay, he was the same person he was when he came out. The last time he was in Jail he heard crazy things about the Mormon church and decided to find out for himself in they were true. At first he didn't really care for the teachings of the church until he learned of the plan of salvation. As he read the plan of Salvation he said that his whole body from his kneck down, went entirely and completely numb, he had know idea what the feeling was but he just knew that what he was reading was true. After that Experience he studied the church 3 times a week inside the jail. He read parts of the Book of Mormon, bible, ensign, and even watched general conferences. At this time he was telling his mom, dad, and girlfriend about how he was investigating the church of Jesus Christ. At first they were super apprehensive about it, but then as they started seeing the change that he was going through, their hearts softened.
We taught their family the Restoration and it was so cool because Sister Allred and i didn't even really teach it, Jeremy taught almost everything to his family and girlfriend Erica and bore his testimony of how he knows that it is true. As Jeremy Talked about Joseph Smith Erica said she had Chills! we told her that, that was the Holy Ghost! She told us that all of this makes sense!
They had an interview with are Bishop, and are planning on coming to church next week. We gave them a church tour and they just can't wait to come! Jeremy can't wait to get baptized but he is on probation and has to wait a little while, and Erika is soft commited to baptism when she knows that these things are true.
I wish i had enough time to tell you every single little thing about Erica and Jeremy because they are both so amazing, and it's so crazy to see how far Jeremy has come, to hear about his past.

The past weeks God has been trying our faith and has been trying my patience. My faith was Dwindling and my trust in him was weakening. I felt like i was giving up hope. I gave my last little plea to the Father, and he picked us back up with Jeremy and Erica. He gave us that hope that as we trust in him with our whole hearts he will always bless us, but in his timing.
I am grateful for these past eight weeks in this area and the trial that the Lord put us through. I know now the lesson of what he was trying to teach me. "Trust in him, and believe in good things to come".-Elder Holland
I encourage all of you to always trust him and never give up hope. he loves you. he listens to you and he knows the desires of your hearts. I love you all too!
Love Sister Lindmeir

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