Monday, July 14, 2014

hey family!!! LAKE POWELL!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

hello family!!!! sound like you all are partyin on a house boat! lucky! haha its cool I love that tradition hope it still goes on when we get home. but this week was legit! I got my package and it was to much of a temptation to wait... im sorry mom all I know is that SATAN IS REAL. so I opened the package the temptation was just to high. bu I LOVE ALL MY PRESENTS YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! I MEAN THE TIE!!! ITS LEGIT!!!!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU ALL I CANT BELIEVE I AM ALMOST 20!!!!!  I just threw up a little.
time flies by and got a whole year to kill it!! so pumped! but I still feel like a greeny or a new missionary.
we had zone training meeting this week wich just means that me and elder olvera gave a training on how to use members more and how to be more effective, because our missionaries love to work and we get work done but instead of working harder we need to work smarter, and I cant believe im saying that but I am learning so much along the way.!

well honestly this week went by so fast and I cant remember much except that we went to the temple and it was amazing and Pam our RC is amazing! and she has the most amazing conversion story but it would take like 10 pages to explain it! but during her baptism me and elder olvera taught after the baptism in between them changing and we taught the restoration and it was so powerful!!!! everyone was crying and because of that we picked up 3 new investigators from pams family! so we are so grateful for them and that opportunity to share at the baptism.

this week went by so fast so I cant remember all the funny stories all that I remember is that we had so much pizza!!!!!!! it was a joke! since we drive so much we always have to get fast food and then for Monday threw Wednesday we had pizza for dinner, then on Friday threw sunday we had pizza for each dinner!!!!! what the???!!!! I have never felt so sick! so never feed missionaries pizza cause you never know they could have had it 5 times already!

well family love you all and I am so greatful for all you keep your heads up high and choose the right!!!
love you  all
elder lindmeir

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