Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Update 2/25/13 - 3/3/13

This week was very busy but it was a great week! I learned a lot and I now feel a lot more ready to lead the area! As a matter of fact, I am excited to! I am sad that Sister Anderson is leaving, but I am excited for her and all her future adventures. I am nervous about getting a new companion because I won't know who it will be until Thursday! But I am sure whoever it is, she will be great! And I will learn a lot from her too!
Spring is in the air!! Almost everyday this week, I have awaken at 6:20 (10 min. before alarm) because I hear the birds chirping and the son is coming up! It is so exciting! It looks like spring but it is definitely still COLD and WINDY! And I have heard from many people that there is going to be a huge snow storm Wednesday night! So it sounds like the storm must be coming from the west! How is the weather now?
Last night we had dinner with the Lopez Family. You are right, Mom; Sister Lopez is great! And she even gave me a present! She made me the cutest apron that I love! And now I won't get food all over myself!
There was also a recent convert fireside last night for DC South mission. One of Sister Anderson's Converts spake at it so we went and listened. One of the members from the ward went and took us with them as well as Brandon (a recent convert). We took pictures on the way and it was fun. (I am telling you this because there are a lot of random pictures from in dropbox from Sis. Anderson's camera that explain it perfectly). The fireside was great and it was amazing to her the testimonies of recent converts and to feel their spirit as they spake.
At the fireside was one of our investigators, Tara! She is from Iraq and she is amazing! Any health or financial problem that can happen to a person has happened to her! Yet, she is still so strong! She knows that the church is true and she wants to get baptized. She wants to be 100% devoted to the Gospel when she is baptized, but with all that is going on in her life, she just can't right now. She loves the gospel and she says that she is going to bring it to Iraq and she say's the people there need it! I just love her. She also calls us missionaries her ANGELS. Outside our apartment is a shelf where two glass angels are that she bought us. Regardless of if she gets baptized or not, this gospel has changed her life. She say's that it is what brings her peace that everything will be okay. She sleeps with her Book of Mormon by her side every night.
Well, sounds like a construction plan on our home! I cannot wait to see how it looks and to hear updates on it! It is going to look great I am sure of it!
Love you all very much!!!
Sister Lindmeir

Aka Elder Sister Kiana (that's what Marcus called me haha. Love you Marcus)

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