Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you!

Thank you all for the great Birthday wishes!!! I had a great Birthday and and St. Patricks day! We actually named last week "Birth-Patrick's Week". So we celebrated all week. We dyed all the food we possibly could green. We also did not eat very healthy so this I will.

I got my package this morning... But only because I called our zone leaders and begged them to let me get my package. We had to drive to another city to get the package this morning but I am happy that I got it!!! Thank you so much everyone!!! I love everything! I love the coloring books, They are my favorite. And the CLOTHES! I Especially love the camera!!!! I cannot wait to use it!! I loved all the letters too! I am keeping them forever! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

My Birthday Dinner with the Lopez family was great! She made me a cute patterned skirt. The cake was great too! It was the mix you sent me, so thank you :). I kind of had a rough week this past week. I missed you guys... a lot! I have been doing so good so far. I think it was just because it was my Birthday.

I am surprised my ability to lead the area; however, bikes seem almost impossible because I have to almost always use the GPS to get around. So that would not work very well on a bike.

I did'nt know Minora passed away. That is so sad! That is so sweet what the sportsplex did for her family! How old are her kids? How did she die? I am very proud of my speedy siblings in the 5k! And my miraculous mom and dad. Good job!
Wow, time goes by so quickly! i can't believe the super meet is already up! You will have to tell me all the details in how they did!
What is the weather like there! It snowed this morning but it is already melted. School still was canceled. Why didn't we live in DC when I was little? Then I would have actually had a snow day. But that is okay :)
Was it a valentines dance the kids went to? Boys or girls choice? Where are all the pictures? :)
That is so exciting that your primary kids were so good! I went into primary yesterday and told them why I love being a missionary! I love being an example to all those kids and to hopefully have an impact on them. Oh, and I am sure the new way of teaching in church will get better! It definitely will take some time, for sure. Good job twins on your papers!! I told President Riggs you are both working on your papers right now!! Lots of blessings for our family! Aren't you all so lucky! No skype when they get their calls; I am pretty sure :(
Sounds like the house is slowly but surely getting done! How are you surviving in there?
I am glad that Dad is home this week! Does he get to stay for a while?
This week there were a lot of ups and downs, but here is an idea of what went on
-1 new investigator who is a jehovah witness!!
-5 almost new investigators. We just need to set up another lesson and they will be :). One of these people is a baptist preacher :S
-Carrie, one of our investigators, said her very first prayer for us. And it was beautiful. We are going to the temple Visitor's Center on Saturday!
-We found some money in our apartment ($30) and we brought it to the office. The next day we received a letter from a women who said " Dear Sisters, You both reconfirm my faith in the goodness and honesty of people, after a frantic search all day and into the well hours of the night, I half-heartedly went into the office this morning" So she found the money and we got to see how much that meant to her :)
- 2 kids attempted suicides which affected many people in the ward. one kid survived and the other did not. A recent convert, James, had a hard time because it was his best friend. It was hard to see him so sad and we couldn't give him a hug. We did all we could to help and we made him cookies and dropped them off at his door a couple days ago.

Well sounds like everything at home is great!! I love you all so much!!!
- Sister Lindmeir

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