Monday, March 11, 2013

Re: update

Hello Mom Dad Christian Waverli Shivani Marcus Gabe Maddie!!!

Have these past 2 months flown by for all of you too? It is crazy but I love it!!! Thanks Mom for the Birthday wishes :) It is so different on a mission, I keep forgetting it is my birthday Wednesday! It is great though because I lose myself in the work and I think of others and their happiness. I am very excited for my package though, I can't wait!!! :)

Sister Meannchen is my new companion from GERMANY!!! And she is so great!!! She has been out 7 1/2 months and she will finish training me. We get along super well and I feel like she is my long lost sister. We are a lot alike! We like to be silly and have lots of fun, but still work very hard. She is also very organized as well as I; so we work really well together. She also got an 8lb package full of real German chocolate today, so we are both happy girls right now! And we may be very sick girls if we keep eating it... Sister Meannchen's English is amazing!!! Most words that she doesn't understand, I don't either haha. I had a really hard time pronouncing her name, but I think I finally got it down. It is pronounced Men-he-en. It is really fun to say now.

I was quite worried with leading the area, but the good news is that I didn't need to be. I am very surprised by how well I know the area. And I color coordinated the map and ward directory which has helped a ton. And I am a lot more confident when I teach. We had a lesson yesterday with a former investigator and she is now an investigator again. But we could have not done that without the Spirit. We were able to speak with power and with the voices of a trump. It was incredible. Especially because we don't know all the answers but we can testify. That is what we did and we could tell she felt the Spirit.

We got an email Friday that the First Presidency has made a change for missionary emails. We now can write anyone, like friends, etc. And we don't have a time limit! So that is pretty cool! I don't know if it will effect me too much because we are so busy on p-days; so I don't know how long we will have time for emailing. And it also depends on how long my companions will want to email for.

Sister Lopez fixed my skirts and they work well. She also invited me over for dinner Wednesday and I was so grateful that she did! She is making ribs, mashed potato's and salad! I don't think you can get any better than that. Plus she is making me gluten free chocolate cake (the mix mom gave me :)) with Peanut Butter Frosting. I am really excited. And she took my measurements and is making me a skirt.

Wow Marcus!!! So exciting that you submitted your papers!!! I hope your assignment doesn't take as long as Grandma or Teryn's! I am too excited I can't wait! I bet you all feel that you! What would you think if he got called to DC South too?? Marcus would love it! Well Marcus will love it where ever he goes!

And Waverli.. Nice work on your papers! Keep up the good work :) You still going to young women's? it might be good for you to go to Relief Society before your mission... I was just thinking about that.
So about skype... As far as I know it will definitely happen. I just need to find a members home to skype at and it shouldn't be a problem. I can talk to all of you and see your beautiful faces on Mother's day!!! Can't wait!!!
I am soooo sorry mom about your teeth!! Sounds so painful!! Make sure you keep it nice and clean in there so you don't get an infection like I did! It is no fun!!! Your mouth will feel amazing once it is all healed though... I am sure!!!
Sounds like the house construction is getting there! You still need to send pictures. I want to see a picture for everyday you work on it! Have you already thought of colors for walls? If you have, what colors? That is exciting that you have new neighbors! And a new young women?! Sooo exciting. 

That is great that Maddie is staying for the school year!!!! Is her family still thinking of moving? She doing track? What is she up to these days?
Wow Gabe!!!! You are riding the unicycle?! That is amazing! You are pretty talented. And glad to hear you are still doing soccer and karate. We are working with a couple right now. The husband, John is a karate instructor and has a huge studio in his basement. Our ward is probably the worst ward for anyone to mess with. Every Saturday morning, many of the men and boys in the ward to MMA and a families home. It is mixed Martial Arts and I heard it is pretty cool. They fight and learn new skills and it is a great way to bring the ward close together. John and his wife go to help with it so it is a great way to involve nonmember and less actives. We almost went a couple weeks ago but decided it probably was not be appropriate for Sister Missionaries to go watch people fight.
Hope all is going well with Dad!! Have not heard from him but I am sure he is just very busy!!!
Christian sounds the same. Building a truck though? How is that working?
Good luck with track this week, Marcus, Waverli, Shivani?, Maddie?.  Keep your heads up no matter what! Take some pictures, I would love to see them!

Mom, Sounds like your primary lesson went great!! The Atonement really is so amazing and it is something that is so far beyond anything we can understand! But I know that it works! The amazing thing about the atonement is that it is not just to cleanse us from sin but it is to strengthen and better us everyday! As long as we are doing our part! I know that I am being strengthened every day because of the atonement.
I would love for you all to read the Book of Mormon and pray together each day! I have seen how it impacts families and it is amazing! The blessings will come and it is amazing!!!! I love you all!
-Sister Kiana Lindmeir

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