Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Update - 2/25/13

Wow... So it sounds like it is pretty crazy at home! I can't wait to see pictures! Who is doing all that work?!
Sounds like you are all doing great though! I love to especially read about my soon to be missionary siblings! I am so excited for you both!!!
This week had a lot of up's and down's! Reality recently hit me that Sister Anderson has only a week and a half left and then I will have to lead the area. However I know that I am in this area because the Lord knows I can handle it! I am prepared for any challenges ahead!
We confronted some interesting people this week.... One lady was out getting her mail and we were walking by. We said "Good Morning and she was very friendly. We talked to her for a minute and then we asked if we could give her a card that she can learn more about what we believe in. She asked which church; we told her and her tone of voice changed completely and she said, "Oh no honey!! No thank you!!! She looked at us like we were evil and she walked away. That was my first time meeting someone rude so I would say I am doing pretty good though. Everyone is usually pretty nice.
We were at Cafe Rio this week and a man came up to us an asked "So are you all nuns in training?". We told him that we are missionaries that share what we believe and know to be true. And then he told us how much respect he has for as and that he appreciates our service and our virtue. It was very kind of him. We said thank you and we gave him a pass-along-card. But I thought that was pretty funny what he said because I kind of feel like it is true haha.
This week, there was a 24 hr Companion Exchange. We switched companions from Sisters in another area. I stayed in Gainesville and Sister Anderson left. Sister Smith was my companion for a day and it was a good experience. I learned a lot, but I was grateful to have Sister Anderson back!!!!!!!
We went to lunch with Brandon this week. He is a recent Convert, 18 years old, and is preparing to serve a mission. He got kicked out of his home and so he lives with our Bishop. He took Sister Anderson and I to Pei Wei for lunch. It brought back good memories of home. But anyways... Brandon has lots of energy and is still learning a lot! But anyways he is a great kid and will be a great missionary

Last night we went to mission prep because Brandon went and we were going to have a lesson with him afterward. We were asked to share our testimonies on how the mission has brought us closer to Jesus Christ. I went first and shared what I know. I can't even remember what I said, but I shared how even though I am new to the mission I recognize that this is not only a mission for helping others be converted, but this mission is converting me. Every day, I experience and learn things that bring even more evidence to the truthfulness of this Gospel. It's amazing!
Elder Holland said that"when you are on your mission, you better come home with at least one convert. And it better be you!!!"
It is so true!! And although I feel so strong in this gospel, my testimony is continually growing stronger.
Sister Anderson and I have been enjoying every free second we get doing things like chewing a whole hubba bubba max package and blowing giant bubbles. Taking funny pictures, popcorn and movies. Last night we had a "sleep over". Which means we just moved our mattresses together and watched a church movie, "17 miracles". It is really good so I highly suggest it.
Last night, We visited a referral that we have been meaning to meet. They are so nice! The women in the homes name is Kina and she has a few kids. One of her daughters is named Kiana. Same spelling and everything. I got super excited and normally I just tell kids that my first name is Sister, but I told her that my first name is Kiana too and she got excited as well. We will be meeting with their family in a few weeks and I look forward to it!
Bad news... I lost my camera. I think I lost it on a dirt road in a huge wind storm. It is super sad and I am not very happy that I lost it. But the good news is that I just happened to put all the pictures on my camera into dropbox the day before. So I see that as a miracle in itself. Miracles happen all the time on missions. But anyways, If you could download all those pictures onto my computer and save them in a file then that would be great.

Well thanks for the email mom and dad. And I got your letter waverli, I will send your letter today. And I am going to write mom back too!. Thanks for everything!!!
Love you all,
Sister Lindmeir

( PS. Don't let anyone read this email or any of my emails unless they write me first. I miss you all too much and I feel a little lack of love from the kids. No excuses, I am busier than all of you. But I still love you all :) )

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