Monday, February 11, 2013


I love my mission so much! This really is the best mission in the world wide world because I get to experience everything... But that is just my opinion. Thanks mom for the package and for writing me and for keeping me updated! The emails work great because I have more time to check them and I have free printing here so I printed them out! It is great! And you can email me as many times as you want! 
So I learned this past week that tracting is kind of like a last resort thing! Well, that is what my mission president says. He wants us to work with the members a lot so that they will feel comfortable telling us ways that we can serve them. We are only supposed to go to dinner 3x a week at members homes but we eat at their homes a lot more when we come and visit them.
Things don't stay secret long in the Gainesville Ward! I mentioned that I have a gluten and dairy allergy to a family and the whole ward knows now. I guess that is a good thing! I guess an email went around saying that the new sister needs food that is gluten and dairy free and I can't believe the response! It is crazy! So we have tons of food now at our apartment and I don't want it to go bad. I think I have been eating too much but just because I don't want to waste food. I need to watch myself more carefully! I don't even need to eat that much because I am not exercising that much! 
We have 30 minutes to exercise everyday at 6:30am it starts. Sister Anderson likes to exercise plus she is trying to get in shape before she leaves in three and a half weeks. I got pretty sick with a cold this week and so it was hard to even breath. Exercising became very diffficult because of my cold and I was just super tired. The good news is that I am feeling better and we have set a goal to wake up at 6:20 every morning to exercise.
We are not teaching too many investigators right now, but we are working really hard to get a lot more. We are working with a 19 year old named Freddy that works at Burger King. We met them there and we gave him a Book of Mormon, Restoration and Plan of Salvation Pamphlet. We went through the drive through on Tuesday and told him to txt us when his lunch break would be on Wednesday so that we could teach him a lesson. On Wednesday he texted us on his break and we went to Burger King and taught him about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. The lesson went really well and we could tell he is sincerely interested and concerned about his salvation. He finished the lesson with a prayer in Burger King. Everyday since then, we have gone through the drive through and checked on Freddy. He is doing great and he prayed for the first time yesturday!!! So exciting and he said he felt good. We told him that he needs to read the book of Mormon and Pray to know its true. We will probably teach him another lesson this week.
We are teaching a few other people and all is going well. It is exciting to see people progress. I started driving the car a few days to learn the area better. It is confusing but I am trying really hard to learn everyones names and where they live. Sister Anderson is always so patient with me and she doesnt mind me always asking questions. I need to learn soon though because I will be leading this area in just a few short weeks.. Scary!!! President Riggs even said I could be training someone but I am pretty sure he was kidding.. I hope sooo!!!! But I do feel like such a different person out here! I am more outgoing and friendly! And I don't want anyone to not have the opportunity to learn about our church so Sis. Anderson and I are always handing out cards. 
Well, that is all for now!!! I love you all!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir
P.S. Mom and Dad, I am not sure I will have time to email you back so I may just write you. Love you  

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