Monday, February 23, 2015


Dang that's crazy that Elder Carillo is home hes an awesome elder supper hard worker so mike will be in good hands! I GET MY CAST OFF TOMARROW IM SO PUMPED!!! you don't even know how hot and itchy it is. that's my complaining moment for the week. but yeah I am really excited and im going to video them pulling out my pins!!! so we can all enjoy it together. YEA!
This week was totally awesome!!!!!!
Had a bunch of things to do and right now we are preparing for our meeting tomarrow!!!
to keep it short ill start with the funny story of the week!!!!
we were driving to a meeting and arrived there early accuaully about 30min early so we thought we would be able to get a bite to eat and Elder Mounga said that there is this Pho restaurant that's supper good and cheap so we went! we go in order the biggest bowl of Pho and we told our waiter a Korean guy that we want the best 1 they have. so it comes and for a Korean place I was surprised how big the bowl was. mom it was the size of the salad bowls you have. anyways its stacked with noodles, greens, and beef! so we just start chowin down because we only have 15min. a few minutes in I realize I was eating some really fatty meats, and that the noodles looked a little off, but we kept chowin down, until Elder mounga kind of said " man what is this? " and I observed it more ate a little bit more and we asked the waiter what was all inside of it and he listed it of...
cow Intestine
my stomake stured up inside and I was done. I mean it tasted alright but it dident taiste the same as it had after I knew about it, so then we bounced.
but monudo is a million times worse just to let you know.
2nd story!!!!
this was legit!!!!!! so prepare spiritually! briana and joe our investigators came to church and then we set up a lesson right after and when we show up only Joe was there and hes like not as interested as briana but we were still stoked to teach him, and during the prayer we here briana come to the door and she sits on the couch and just starts to tell us this " when I woke up this morning something warm was all around me and it kept telling me that I need to be baptized and as I went to church the feeling only grew and grew! and I know I am supposed to be here so Joe I am getting baptized either with you or without!" haha it was amazing you could totally see and feel here testimony she has! so then we set a date for sunday and she will be ready and Joe will be praying to see if he is ready then to accept to be baptized. we picked this couple up 2and a half weeks ago from contacting the lord has been preparing this couple. its definitely a humbling experience, this couple is so amazing!!!!!!!! like the coolest people im so stoked to see them grow.
well family the work is true. There can be no greater change in someones life when they choose to be baptized. so soothing that will help us all this week is to think about what has led in our life because of our baptism. then think about what if you never got baptized were your life would be.
its pretty intense.
well family love you all so much!!!!!!!
Elder lindmeir

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