Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey family Elder Lindmeir

hope you scrolled down on my last email so you could get it all. but what a great week this week!!!!!!!! like always the lord provides and we saw some awesome miracles!!!!!! but before that I have just been pondering and studying and praying about what have I learned the most on my mission and what I have truly gained and it was simple. I have finally gained a true testimony. A testimony that only I can understand and feel its more than saying you believe its more than thinking you believe and know, my testimony came as I have humbled myself and let the lord shape me. my testimony I what fuels my fire!!!! its the only thing that keeps me going!!!!!! my testimony is literally felt throughout my whole frame of my body, its the only way I can describe it, because of my testimony I feel the true peace in life, I feel like I can literally accomplish anything that the lord wants me to. its funny to explain what I feel and what I know as a true fact, that Jesus is the Christ and that his gospel is in its fullness today. I cant say that this is the only true church but I can say and promise that this is the only church that will bring you closer to your savior than any other religion because of the covenants, ordinances and scriptures and it brings to the table. I cant tell you exactly whats going to happen to us when we die, but I know.. without a doubt that there is something in each of us that teaches and tells us what truth is and it sure tells me that Jesus Christ really did die for me and that we can all live again. now what that intells?? that's another question but I sure believe 100% the plan of salvation but I haven't received the same whitness as I have that Jesus is the Christ. so just from the feelings of truth that i get from the spirit wich is in me gives a firm knowledge and another whitness that he is real and he truly does love us.
I love it!!!!!! its so crazy how real it is!!! and theres nothing better than sharing my testimony! testamonies have so much power!!!! when you read or hear it if your humble enough the spirit really will tell you it is true!
I know im preaching to the choir and theres no rebuking or harm in this I just wanted to share a little bit of my testimony.
well family don't got much time and that took a lot longer than I thought but I love you all. I cant wait until I give you all a hug, but I know im not finished an o I am stoked to find all those who are in need and bring them to eternal happiness. I love you again and thanks for the prayes and all you do for me!
elder lindmeir

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