Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hey Family! totally loving life its getting crazzy going from one place to another but i am seeing some mad miracles are happening!!!! hope yall enjoy!!!!

MIRACLE!!! ok so back in valley center we tought these two girls who were cousins and they are 20, and 25 and Alex the 25 year old wasent really interested at all and everytime we would go over she would be either supper high or drunk! and we would take her cigarrettes away and teach her but we focused on Amy who is the 20 yearold becasue she accually really wanted to listen. so we tought them probobly like 20 times and both of them would be in on the lessons but amy we thought was the only one listeneing and on saturday i hear about someone who got baptized in valley center and it ended up being Alex. who was the last person!!!! i though would join, she partied everyday has 3 kids not marries did drugs everyday, and the got Baptized on saturday in 1 week she gave up everything and shes totally 100% commited to change and to folllow christ! its so awesome!

Miracle! so i went to YSA on exchanges and we went to a refferal we had just recieved and we decided to go contact him. we knock on his door and this huge black man answers the door and his name is Sean and hes the refferal he totally lets us in and we start to talk and i ask him how he got so jacked and he told us how he served for marines for the last 9 years and is a black belt in like 3 martial arts. His job right now is hes a bouncer, wich means he goes to clubs or bars to break up the fights and makes everything ok and makes sure no one gets hurts. so anyways his best friend ends up being a mormon and he tells us how he wants to come to church with us and we teach the restoration my favorite part is when we invited him for baptism in 2 week away he says "yeah i cqan get baptized on the 13th ill put it in my calender so i can get work off" it was just so casual and awesome! and hes going to make the best mormon!!!!!

Cool story for yall! So when i was on exchanges these Elders i was with were struggling and havent seen a miracle in a long time or even pick up a new Investigator in a long time and as we were riding our bikes we hadent tought anyone yet and it was getting dark and i just said a silent prayer that we might find someone and no joke within like 5 minutes we trun a corneer on our bikes and theres this girl on curb just sitting alone next to her car. So i see her and start peddling to her, and as soon as i am about to talk she says " Hey can you guys talk to me?" and of course we started to talk and she explained to us her story, how missionaries used to teach her all the time but she was always on druggs and never really listened but she said how she could feel something after each time those missionaries left. She said how now she just came out of Re-hab and now she has been sobber for 5 months, and she said now shes looking for a church and i wana be a part of your! so in 5min we tought her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be Baptized in 10 days and she said with tears on her face... " YES i would love to, this is what i need!" special experience that ill never forget! here is a picture of her, cause i had to remeber this day!
Love you all 
Elder liindmeir

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