Monday, February 9, 2015

Elder Lindmeir!!!

What is up Fam?
This week started slow, but we got a surprise on Tuesday! This new missionary came in, Elder Ellis, and guess where he's from?            
It's pretty cool....he knows Jager!  And so we put it in Hyper-Drive!!!!! I mean we gots ta put this greenie to work!
we made it a goal to talk to 35 people a day and to pick up 5 new Investigators so pretty much we were running from door to door and chasing people down it was so awesome!!!!!!!!!! the first day we saw this couple getting into there car and we ran after them and made them laugh and then bore testimony and we were able to pick them up!! there awesome there willing to listen and take the lessons but there strong in there church but hey the spirit converts not us.
then we knocked on a door and this lady answers and we talk and she ends up being a member but her kids are not and her husband isent and we tought them about how the gospel blesses families and they are so excited to continue on this path! cool thing about it the daughjter is named Jazlin shes 13 and they just moved in and shes supper sad all the time because she has no friends and we tought her about how it will fill the whole or gap that shes missing.
we got a call from a PMF who was cancelling our lesson because he got called into work but that he said im going to walk to the gas station buy a monster and head to work and we conviced him that we can just walk with him to the store and teach him and we did and he totally loves it!!!!! so we will be teaching him soon!
then while working we have been helping the members to do missionary work like for example what we did to you dad on Skype. and while at our dinner we get a text saying hey my friend is at the fire pit cooking hotdogs you guys wana show up and meet her??? of course we said and we drove down there met her tought her and picked her up and its amazing to see how much more solid she is compared to the people we just meet on the streets because of the friendship they have made!!!! were teaching her tonight so were so excited!!!!
so at the end of this week we hit all our goals a picked up more Investigators in a week than I ever have!! the lord always provides!!!!! love you all!!!!
Elder Lindmeir

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