Monday, June 17, 2013

Great Week - Many Miracles - So Happy

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
It is good to hear from most of you and that you are doing well. I am doing well too. In fact, I am great! I have a lot that I want to tell you but not so much time to email, but I will say the most important things. This past week was AMAZING! Sister Dickson and I worked really hard and got 5 new investigators (the most I have ever gotten on my mission), had 100% baptismal invites and had over 11 visits with members. We also talked and met with many more potential investigators. We learned so much last week from Zone Training and Conference and we were excited to apply all of it as we proselyted. We still have so much to learn and have so much to do, but we are growing.
Sister Dickson and I get along very well. And it shows in our teaching. And we are more likely to have the Spirit with us as we teach being unified. And we both like to always stay busy and to organize (So yep, Weare a lot alike). And we have found that spending extra time keeping things organized saves a lot of time in the long run. 
Here are some of the more exciting events from this week:
  • We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. And I loved it! I worked in a singles ward for 24hrs and it is amazing the difference from a family ward. Young adults are definitely more open to learn about the Gospel than older people. No wonder it is brought up so often in the scriptures to "become like a little child".
  • I have been using the chalk mom got me on Easter. We write notes for people on the driveways using chalk if they are not home. And so far, everyone has LOVED it! Don't worry, we only do it for people that would be okay with it.
  • We started talking to a women reading a book outside her home and all she said was "No, thank you". I was getting ready to ask her if she knew of anyone else that would be interested in a message about Christ, but before I could say it, she held her finger over her mouth and said "shhhh". And I sure listened and didnt say a word and walked away. Afterward, Sister Dickson and I were laughing about that, but we probably should'nt. I still think it is so funny though.
  • We met a women walking her dog yesterday morning and started teaching the first lesson. We got all the way through, said a prayer and have an appt. set up for this week. As much as I don't like dogs, I do think that they have been a blessing here. Three of our investigators we met while they were walking their dog.
  • Our Bishop talked about partaking of the Sacrament yesterday in Sacrament Meeting. He talked about how Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament among His Twelve Apostles on the night before he was crucified. When we partake of it each week, we should picture the Savior passing the bread and water to us. I have never thought of that, but I am so grateful that I now can have a more sacred and special experience as I partake of the Sacrament each week and remember the promises with God that I made when I was baptized. I am looking forward to Sunday :)
  • I am also looking forward to Sunday because there is going to be a HUGE announcement that will be broadcasted to the whole world from the first presidency. It is supposed to be a bigger deal than the missionary age change. I cannot wait to find out what it is!
Well, that is all the time that I have. I Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Lindmeir

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