Monday, June 1, 2015


Having a blast this week!!!! I went to the Escondido Zone to do exchanges this week and i was able to see MY GREENIE AREA!!!! it was sweet!!! ooooo o by the way Elder Rivers said i can come live with him at his house, sorry trunk talk. So many things happened this week honestly i hope i can do jusice through an email.
i have to start on Wednesday because i forgot what happened on monday and tuesday haha.
Also President Kendrick Challenged the mission who could get 100 contacts in a day, for this week. As a missionary i still have my competetiveness, but luckly its a healthy competiveness.
so Wednesday i went with Elder Acosat and Elder Shiver to Escondido Hills ward.
Both these missinaries are supper young, wich i love!!!! becasue they still have that greenie fire! anyways, we had a solid day with few appointments but we made a deal we would talk to everyone and anyone we saw, and when we took out a member to a lesson we knocked on thee door and no answer as we walked down the stairs we saw this 18 yearold talking his trash out and we ran over there and he is totally down for a lesson, wich suprised the new missionaries and the member and so we tought him right there and then about the Restoration, and hes SOlID and so humle and ready. that night to get our 100contacts we biked like 14miles and we barely got it.
we went to another area, ( wich is known for the hardest area and its known for the CURSE! ) wich just means the area hasent had a baptism in like 4 years.... and these missionaries promised me that they only saw 8 people the few days before that and jus went on about how the area is strugglin but with some motivation we were all ready to work!!! so we walked for like 5 hours haha and talked to alot more than 8 people but werent able to pic  anyone else up as an (I) yet but i new it was comming!!!! so as we were walkin we still needed like 20 more people to talk too and it was supper dark and we needed to get a ride back to our apartmentment we were 7 miles away from our apartment and it just hit 9:00 pm BUT WE NEW THERE WAS SOMEONE TO TEACH! and as we were walking to talk to ore people a guy pulled over asked for a ride and i asked him "Are you a non member?" he said Yeah im a non member so we jummped all in and he started to tell us his story. He is only 19 years old and growing up he went to our church and was in riest qorum and he was so close to getting baptized but his buddy left on his mission so he never got it done. BUt Jose is his name, but he had a book of mormon on his dash board this guywas practicly mormon already! so we got his info, invited him to be Baptised i 3 weeks and he sais hes down!!!! so im stoked! THE LORD PROVIDES! Even if you 7 miles away from home. and we got over a 100 contacts were these missionaries have been getting 8 or less everyday. as long as we are humble and willing he will alwys provide.
Went witH ELder ANderson and Elder Leal
Aweosme exchange and lessons learned!
So we pulled up  to a potential Investigators home and he totally lets us have a lesson with him and his name is Tony, the best way to describe him is hes older and hespanic/white and talks perfect english. anyways as soon as we sit down for the lesson he just wont stop crying and we start asking him why are you crying and he kept saying becasue of his back. he got in an accident and damaged his back and since he doesent have any insurance he deals with the pain. this guy was insome serious pain!!! it was insane, so we decided to teach him about faith and miracles, and as soon as the spirit got so thick like egg nog in the lesson, he stopped crying and he stands up and right then and there he was HEALED straight up then he fell on his knees and prayed and prayed for grattitude.
tha was the first miracle on that exchange and the next one was about Elder Anderson and his Grattitude to everyone and everything. At the end of Tony lesson we went to give him a BOM we realised we dont have any, so instead of comming back another day he just gave him his personal leather copy of his BOM, later i realised he does that all the time he just gives and gives and never asks for anything else. Elder Rivers was his companion and one day he said that this homless lady asked for some food for her famly and Elder Anderson goes to an ATM and pulls out 60dollars and gives it to that family like no big deal. Than to top all this off he has a supper nice bike but hes leaving on his mission soon and my bike is getting jacked up and he wanted to trade for some odd reason and i was down and then i gave him cash to somewhat make it even and yesterday i found the cash i gave him in my bag, he had put it there without me noticing, i have learned that material items mean nothing, but making people happy means everything. what an awesomee missionary.
Went with the YSA missionaries
solid miracles!!! we knocked on a LA door and we were looking for her son who s a non member and she said he was gone and to come back another time, and she was about to shut the door i asked is there anyother non members here and she said yes and i asked well can we meet them and what do you know she lets us in and as soon as we go in on the left hand side there was 3 noonmembers and we tottally tought them and set three dates with them awesome mitracles!!! dang i can go for days but running out of time love you all!!! jeep killing it!!!
Elder lindmeir

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